Thursday, December 12, 2013


Michelle senses the photographer?

Is Michelle giving the kids a talking down?

I'm sorry honey?

Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning Schmidt's SELFIE is topping the charts worldwide.  The controversy surrounding this photo has generated @ 50 million comments on the web,  and generates almost half a billion hits on google. Obviously, ones reaction to this photo is often predetermined by ones opinion of the subject - but supporters of Obama and Helle Thorning Schmidt have also voiced their criticism.

The photographer claims that the public is misinterpreting the photos and that Michelle was also joking around. Well - I agree that the interpretation of the photos, and their (temporal?) context trumps the reality depicted by the photo - but where are the photos of Michelle smiling? (uhmmm...are there ever photos of Michelle smiling?)

In her own defense Helle Thorning Schmidt claims the photos prove they are just ordinary people.  But they are not ordinary people!  They are the highest elected officials of their countries, on official business!  And if they didn't know it, perhaps now they are aware that the eyes of the world are upon them whenever they are in public!

What our readers may not know, is that while Helle was hangin' with the Obamas, her Minister of Justice, Morten Bødskov,  was being interrogated by a  Parliamentary Committee. After admitting that he had lied to the Parliament he resigned!

This resignation follows the recent resignation of the Minister of Development, after he also gave incorrect information to the Parliament!  

Helle returned from South Africa to the news that  her Foreign Minister, Villy Sovndal, chose to resign following a heart attack.  This resignation came on the same day as another Parliamentary Committee was roasting Villy's fellow SF'r Annette Vilhelmsen for improperly giving a million kroner to a voters rights organisation .  At this point, Enhedslisten couldn't force Vilhelmsen, the leader of SF, to resign: it could  have caused the collapse of the Government.

So today Helle Thorning Schmidt is re-deploying her ministers for the 2nd time in the 2 years they have been in power.  The inexperience of the Government has only been surpassed by the breadth of broken election promises that lies in their wake.

It is sad that Democracy is threatened by power hungry politicians who will lie, and switch party affiliation just to secure or maintain their Power.  Thus it is a fitting gesture, from the force that influences everything, that the Interpreter for Hearing Impaired at Mandela's memorial was a fraud.  Yea...all our leaders are liars, and we are blind followers.


Reliapundit said...

time to get rid of the whole semi-permanent, rotating "ruling class".

northern seer said...

Rotation?! Exactly...now the rumor is that Helle Thorning Schmidt will appoint her old friend Morten Bødskov to the next European Commision. What better place to send a lying justice minister to fatten up his pension?