Wednesday, November 06, 2013


The Left, as embodied by today's Democrat Party, is really all about one thing: enforcing a false equality - and equal outcomes: set asides; quotas; earmarks; targeted subsidies; enforced diversity targets; and also redistribution of private assets and private property - in other words, class warfare.

The Left's notion of false equality is based on a foundational assertion of postmodernism: cultural and moral relativity - the idea that all cultures are equal, and all religions are equal, and that there are no moral absolutes, only arbitrary rules, culturally and subjectively created.

The Left's notion of false equality asserts, therefore, that the West and Judeo-Christian Civilization only achieved superiority over other peoples and other cultures purely as a result of brute force - and that this brutal history justifies treating the West and Judeo-Christian Civilization as criminals worthy of punishment - especially the richest among them, (whose wealth, they believe, was looted from the non-West). In other words, the Left falsely blames the West and Judeo-Christian Civilization for most of history's wars, genocide, and piracy.

The Left further believes that the West is most responsible for sexual repression (since, to the Left, sexuality is culturally defined and humans really have a polymorphous sexuality and because the West's family structure and the West's religions are sexually repressive).

The Left further believes that the industrial complex created by the West is responsible for polluting the Earth to the point of global climate catastrophe.

This litany of false accusations is what allows the Left to attack the West incessantly while maintaining a foundational belief that all cultures are equal. In other words, the culture and values of the West are no better than those of any other culture, but the history of the West means that the West is justifiably a target - and should therefore be burdened and sanctioned and taxed so as to redistribute its ill-gotten wealth to the non-West.

The Left feels the same way about the wealthy within the West.

The Left feels the same way about whites within the West.

The Left feels the same way about males within the West.

And the Left especially feels this way about the USA - as the leader of the West, and also about Israel - the bulwark against the non-west and the former center of the West and of Judeo-Christianity.

The Left wants the West, and the rich, and whites, and males, and Jews and Christians burdened and taxed and targeted the same way that Kurt Vonnegut imagined high achievers would be burdened in his dystopian sci-fi short story HARRISON BERGERON -  a world in which incredibly gifted ballet dancers would be forced to dance with chains so as not to out-perform their lesser talented co-dancers.

Watch the whole thing!
The Left employs progressive taxation and other tools to redistribute assets from those who earn them to those the power elite assert are just as deserving. This - and quotas and the like - is how they get equal outcomes - and how they justify it morally.

The Right doesn't believed all peoples, or all people, or every person, or all cultures or all religions are equal or that all moral systems are arbitrary and culturally relative.

The Right doesn't believe, therefore, in enforcing equal outcomes because different people will naturally achieve different outcomes.

The Right believes we should all be equal before the law - because even though physically and intellectually we are each unique, our souls are equal.

Because we each have a unique soul, the Right believes that we should each have the opportunity to pursue happiness however we decide.

In other words, because the Right believes we each have a unique soul with unalienable, God-given rights - (rights that are not the gift of the state but are inherent), the Right believes in a transcendent Natural Law, and in Personal Liberty.

The Left rejects Natural Law - which transcends individuals, subjectivity, and culture, and instead embraces relativism, and this means they favor libertinage: subversive behavior which attacks the values of the West.

The battle between Left and Right can therefore most clearly be seen as a battle between people who are cultural and moral relativists and people who are libertarians.

The relativist-Left wants a strong state to enforce equal outcomes upon dis-equal persons - often based on membership in certain categories, (for example: whites, males and Judeo-Christians are disfavored and their opposites are favored).

The libertarian-Right wants a state with limited power, just enough power to ensure outcomes are fair, that outcomes are based on merit and not on membership in certain groups.

The Left's desire for equal outcomes is a perversion because it necessarily requires the repression individual liberty and of individual responsibility, and it necessarily requires a strong state to redistribute outcomes - and that redistribution is inevitably influenced by connection that certain persons or groups have to the power structure, in other words it inevitably leads to corruption.

The Right's desire for limited governmental powers administered by governments which have divided power and limited, defined power is not only the way to ensure maximum personal liberty - and to maximize outcomes based on merit, but to reduce as much as possible the potential for corruption, tyranny, and waste.

The Obama Administration is one of the most Left-wing dominated administration of all-time and also one of the most tyrannical, wasteful and corrupt and the one most opposed to individual liberty as when it tyrannically forces you to buy health insurance it deems best for you - and has done so with an incompetently built website which fails to accomplish what it was designed to accomplish (ergo is a huge waste) designed at huge expense who were corruptly selected because they are Obama cronies. Which makes Obamacare the epitome of Leftism.

Because prosperity is a by-product of liberty, Leftist policies not only fail to deliver their own stated goals, they impoverish everyone because they limit overall liberty.

That's why I have long said this:

If we really want to make poverty history, then we have to make Leftism history.

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