Saturday, November 09, 2013


The Australian Daily Telegraph wrote about a boxer who converted to Islam, and influenced a rugby player to follow suit:
TROUBLED rugby league star Blake Ferguson has been converted to Islam by controversial boxer Anthony Mundine.

The NRL bad boy made the commitment to his new Islamic faith at Zetland Mosque on Friday, hoping it can help to save his ailing career.

The State of Origin star was photographed praying beside Mundine, who also converted rugby league superstar Sonny Bill Williams to the Muslim faith five years ago when Williams was going through a difficult period in his life.

[...] Ferguson has previously vowed to give up alcohol - as required by the Muslim faith - but failed.

[...] "He's just looking forward to changing his direction in life. At the moment he's in good space - no drinking, no drugs, no parties.

"He's got the colour back in his face. He wants to be a better person but he'll still have his faults, like we all do."
How can be a better person by following the Religion of Peace? Look at this:
Ferguson's rugby league career has been in limbo for several months after he was dumped by the Raiders over a number of off-field incidents.

He is facing charges of indecent assault on a woman at a Cronulla nightspot and was also caught speeding and driving while suspended before having his $400,000 NRL contract terminated.
Now how do we know he won't keep doing this as he follows the ummah? He could also continue speeding on the highway; that's not something the Koran has any problem with, certainly not if it involves jihad. What a shame no Christian or even Judaist had the sense to confer with him about the possibilities of joining their movements. This brings to mind how I'm actually mad that some synagogues don't try to offer their services to sport players like the rugby player, since they could make people proud of them. And it could help bolster Judaism's profiles significantly.

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