Tuesday, November 26, 2013


In an update on the whereabouts of this cultish Haredi sect who used to live in Israel, they moved, rather predictably, to the province of Ontario in Canada. I figured that it was possible for the authorities to stop them if they tried to flee wholesale, so instead, for now, they've moved to a province where they figure they can get away with this sickness more easily:
...Canadian media reported over the weekend that the group of 200, including more than 130 children, will make their home in Chatham-Kent in southwestern Ontario, a town of 108,000.

Cult members told Canadian media that they made the move due to a dispute with education authorities in Quebec over the curriculum that they were being required to teach the children, who are home schooled, including subjects such as evolution.

The sect was concerned that the children would be placed in foster care, according to The Star.

Ontario reportedly has liberal requirements for faith-based home schooling.

The cult, led by Israeli Rabbi Shlomo Helbrans, reportedly uses extreme violence and mind control. Most of its members are Israeli-born with Canadian-born children.
No doubt, mind control may have played a part in how they presented themselves to the National Post for this article, where one of the leaders distorts the Biblical texts:
The Lev Tahor are a seeming contradiction: an ultra-orthodox Jewish sect that opposes the existence of the state of Israel.

“The Old Testament says the Jewish people live in exile, we are not to establish a government or an army until the Messiah comes. This is something the Zionist government hates,” says Mr. Rosner. “They have always been trying to destroy our community.”
Look who's talking. Somebody involved in the destruction of a child's mind. The women and younger girls of this terrible sect wear burka-style clothing right out of an Islamic regime. And the Old Testament says that Jews ended up living in exile, not that they did it because they disliked it. If anything, the Jews living in Egypt in biblical times when Rameses was Phaeroh led to tragedy until Moses came to the rescue, and that's why we moved back to Israel, as the Lord felt best for us. So this group has simply perverted religious visions to suit their twisted view of life, and that's why Jewish groups with more common sense are worried:
“This group exhibits cult-like behaviour and is nothing more than a perversion of Judaism,” said Frank Dimant, chief executive officer of B’nai Brith Canada, a Jewish advocacy group.

“We are very much worried about the well-being of the children and have advised the social service and police authorities to ensure that they are properly cared for.”
Better yet, they should by all means do what the Quebec authorities considered doing, and remove the children from their clutches.

Update: perhaps in answer to every sane person's prayers, a judge has ordered at least 2 families in the cult move back to Quebec to face hearings, and, the Knesset here is going to look into this case too. I hope the authorities won't let them off the hook and do remove the children from such awful people's grips.

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