Monday, November 18, 2013


1 - If you support the government taking away people's personal liberty, then you are not for progress. 
2 - If you support the government taking away the fruits of labor from one person and giving it to other people, then you are not for progress. 
3 - If you support the government taking away the fruits of labor from some people to give it as "subsidies" to certain businesses, then you are not for progress. 
4 - If you support using a person's skin color, or gender, or sexual preferences in order to help them gain admission or gain a job - as opposed to basing their admission or hiring on their merits without regard to their skin color, gender or sexual preference, then you are not for progress. 
5 - If you support reducing our national defenses and the defenses of the Free Word, and appeasing our foes - who are uniformly anti-democratic, anti-libertarian, and anti-free market, then you are not for progress.
Most people who call themselves "progressives" today are leftists, statists - socialists.

They favor policies which have failed everywhere, every time they've been used.

Anti-statists, or libertarians, recognize that people everywhere - of every race, every culture and every creed - would be better off with more liberty and less statism. This makes libertarianism the antithesis of racism and ethnocentrism. Libertarians accept that history proves that prosperity and higher living standards and longer healthier life-spans are by-products of liberty, of the free market, of capitalism and industrialization.

People who oppose liberty, of the free market, of capitalism and industrialization - a.k.a. "progressives" - who want people to have less liberty, and want government to have bigger roles in the economy, and want government to redistribute earnings and construct a welfare state actually are supporting policies that make people poorer, reduce living standards, and shorten life spans.

Europe is often cited by "progressives" as if Europe proved their case; in fact, Europe proves that socialism fails miserably.

Europe's unemployment rates are worse than the USA's and have been for decades. And it's especially bad for young people.

"Progressives" often argue that the "fact" that average life-spans are higher in the EU proves that  nationalized/"single-payer" healthcare (and by extension socialism) is better than the free market. BUT: The average European's life-span is shorter than the average American's - AND IT ISN'T EVEN CLOSE when statistics are corrected for demography - (racial percentages in the USA are vastly different and lower the USA's life-spans), violent deaths, and infant mortality - (the USA counts as deaths children who are not counted as deaths in most European nations).

In addition, recovery rates from 21 of the 24 major types of cancer and CVD's are better inn the USA than in the EU - (and in the 3 cancers the USA does not LEAD all nations in the EU in recovery rates, we are #2 or #3).

Besides the fact they they get poorer results than the USA, nearly all European governments are also going bankrupt under the weight of their Welfare States. And "progressives" can't legitimately blame this on conservative policies:

European nations did NOT have "Bush tax cuts for the rich", or "two unfunded wars", nor do they have big defense budgets - three items "progressives" often cite as reasons the USA's finances are doing poorly. And their tax rates have reached the limit, too; even France - now run by the Socialist Party - cannot raise taxes any further.

It's long overdue for "progressives" to stop believing in the failed policies of the past and instead embrace the values and principles of the only true revolution in human history: The American Revolution.

Life. Liberty. The Pursuit of Happiness. A constitutional government of limited and defined powers. Unalienable, G-d given rights.

These are what all human deserve, and what will enhance the lives of all humans.

I beg my "progressive" friends: please accept the capitalist reality and surrender your utopianist fantasies.

Stop looking back at the failed "revolutions" of the past with rose-colored glasses: the October Revolution in the USSR, the red revolution in China; Cuba's descent into poverty under the Castro Tyranny - they imprisoned, impoverished and killed millions.

That's not progress, and continuing to support socialistic policies is not "progressive"; it is reactionary .

Real revolutionaries do not want people to be serfs.

And because socialism reduces individual liberty and increases people's dependence on the state, it is the road to serfdom.


Most "progressives" think all religions are structurally and functionally equivalent and that morality is relative to culture. They are mistaken. Judeo-Christian Civilization is quite different, and it is no accident that democracy and capitalism are essentially Western.

Many "progressives" have been taught to blame most of history's genocide on religions, especially Western religion, but they are wrong; in fact; socialism - the ideology "progressives" subscribe to, killed more people in the 20th Century than Judeo-Christianity did in the preceding twenty centuries.

Only Islam has killed more people than socialism, and Islam is NOT a Western faith and (via Turkey and other once somewhat democratic Muslim nations) it is proving to be incompatible with democracy and pluralism).

So, I might add that when "progressives" argue that all religions are the same, that the West has been the worst ravager of peoples and resources - and that atheistic ideologies are better, they are not really for progress.

Freedom of religion is a fundamental human right. But that doesn't mean that all religions are equal - and it cannot make them equal.

Allowing organized sects to foment anti-Constitutional  and anti-pluralist actions is sedition and treason.

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