Sunday, October 06, 2013


More fallout from the jihad process as a 9-year-old girl was wounded by a jihadist at the town of Psagot. The prime minister condemned the incident:
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday condemned the incident in which a nine-year old girl was allegedly wounded a day earlier in the West Bank settlement of Psagot.

In remarks made at the start of the weekly cabinet meeting, the premier called the incident "a heinous attack."

"This past year has been the quietest in over a decade, but lately we have noticed an increase in the number of terrorist attacks," Netanyahu said, pointing an accusatory finger at the Palestinian Authority.

"I must say that the Palestinian Authority cannot shirk its responsibility for these kinds of incidents as long as incitement there continues," the premier said. "The murderers must understand that this won't help them."
Did it ever occur to him that releasing terrorists from prison led to some of this? As some Knesset members have made clear, the PLO is also responsible for encouraging this. MK Yoni Cheboun said:
On a visit to Psagot Sunday afternoon, MK Yoni Chetboun (Bayit Yehudi) said that the release of terrorists by the government would only encourage more terrorism.

Chetboun was in the town in the wake of the attack on 9-year-old Noam Glick. Glick was shot Saturday night in the neck at close range. The girl was badly injured, but is in good condition after surgery. [...]

“Terrorism is rearing its head, and it is impossible not to see this in the context of the two previous shootings in the past few weeks,” Chetboun said, referring to the shootings of two IDF soldiers by Palestinian Authority (PA) terrorists in recent weeks.

As Glick was shot and the soldiers were killed, Chetboun said, the government was busy negotiating Israeli concessions with the PA. “The State of Israel has been reminded yet again that while we have been discussing peace, our “partners” are discussing war,” he said. “Releasing murderers has acted as a 'lubricant,' an encouragement, to the motivation of terrorist organizations. Terrorism will not be stopped with gestures, but with deterrence. When the State of Israel freed murderers, terrorists feel free to act. It is our responsibility as Members of Knesset, to stop this folly of releasing murderers; unfortunately we are seeing the results blossom in front of our eyes,” he said.
According to this report, the government is reconsidering:
Energy and Water Minister Silvan Shalom, who is a member of the ruling Likud faction, told Israel Radio on Sunday that more attacks like the incident in the Psagot settlement that left a nine-year-old girl lightly wounded would prompt the government to reconsider its decision to free Palestinians who served lengthy jail sentences for violent crimes committed against Israelis.
I'm afraid this is a limp response. The terrorists shouldn't be released at all as punishment for the current acts of violence. They have to cancel the decision immediately, otherwise they just send the signal that they're not brave enough to do it.

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