Monday, September 02, 2013


John Kirkwood wonders:
So the demonic bastards in Syria who are normally occupied with how to kill Westerners and how to drive Israel into the sea are now focused on killing Al Qaeda … and our President wants to interfere. Imagine that?
Good question. He provides sort of an answer:
Col. Ralph Peters called the President’s plan “senseless” and “without logic,” – “our enemies are killing our enemies … they’re doing our job!” Well, we can’t let that happen. So, let’s do the math on this one. The President, who rose to glory as the Senator who mocked Bush’s War, unilateral action and weapons of mass destruction, has now alerted our congress (and our enemies) that he will act unilaterally, despite the world and the United Nations disapproval and because of WMD’s. Makes sense to me – that is, if the President is a Manchurian Executive who is operating as a closeted Sunni Muslim that happens to be a Gramsci/Alinsky Marxist. What could be more predictable than to act against American interest?
Reliapundit has asked again and again, if the United States actually had a President who ("unlike BHO!!!") was an anti-American, anti-Christian, pro-Jihadi, communist -- what would he be doing any differently? Kirkwood's appraisal of the Syrian regime is somewhat un-nuanced, however. To understand what drives the Assad dynasty, you have to start with his grandfather Suleiman Assad's 1936 letter to the (departing) French "colonialists":
The spirit of fanaticism and narrow-mindedness, whose roots are deep in the heart of the Arab Muslims toward all those who are not Muslim, is the spirit that continually feeds the Islamic religion, and therefore there is no hope that the situation will change. If the Mandate is cancelled, the danger of death and destruction will be a threat upon the minorities in Syria, even if the cancellation [of the Mandate] will decree freedom of thought and freedom of religion. Why, even today we see how the Muslim residents of Damascus force the Jews who live under their auspices to sign a document in which they are forbidden to send food to their Jewish brothers who are suffering from the disaster in Palestine [in the days of the great Arab rebellion], the situation of the Jews in Palestine being the strongest and most concrete proof of the importance of the religious problem among the Muslim Arabs toward anyone who does not belong to Islam. Those good Jews, who have brought to the Muslim Arabs civilization and peace, and have spread wealth and prosperity to the land of Palestine, have not hurt anyone and have not taken anything by force, and nevertheless the Muslims have declared holy war against them and have not hesitated to slaughter their children and their women despite the fact that England is in Palestine and France is in Syria. Therefore a black future awaits the Jews and the other minorities if the Mandate is cancelled and Muslim Syria is unified with Muslim Palestine. This union is the ultimate goal of the Muslim Arabs.
Is that also the ultimate goal of Barry Soetoro's foreign policy? Think about it. If that was a President's agenda, what would he be doing any differently than what BHO is doing now?

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