Thursday, September 26, 2013

The mendacity of false hope and Obamacare

Obama is a phony piece of shit, through and through.

Obama has not one single shred of honesty or integrity.

Obama said he would close Gitmo - and it is open.

Obama said he'd fix relations with Russia - and they're worse.

Obama said he'd cut the deficit and the debt - and both are incredibly worse.

Obama said that his healthcare reform would lower costs - and they're going up.

Obama said as a senator that a POTUS had to get Congressional approval before going to war, and now he says the opposite.

And Obama his comrades continue to lie about all of these things - daily.

Obama has spied on reporters.

Obama said he'd be the most transparent president ever - and he's covering up more than Nixon.

Under Obama, the IRS actually persecuted his political opponents - something Nixon never ever had the IRS do. And they are lying about it; and Obama recently gave a White House job  - one that needs no Congressional consent - to one of his key henchman in the IRS scandal Jeff Zeints; this effectively allows Obama to try to prevent him from testifying.

I've really had it up to HERE with Obama.

I truly consider Obama to be an evil piece of shit who cars not one whit about the USA, not any part of it which is not part of the machine that elected him.

Obama favors infanticide. supports al Qaeda in Syria and Libya, has done absofrickinlutely bupkus about the murderers who killed our Ambassador and his aides in Benghazi.

The fact is, that absofricklutely NOTHING is better now than it was in 2008.

Not a damn thing. Not the debt. Not the deficit. Not healthcare costs. Not the global war against islamo-fascism.

The only way I see things improving is if and when Obama is neutered/neutralized by a GOP Senate.

Anything which might prevent that is counter-productive.

That's why I favor passing a CR that funds Obamacare.

We know it's going to be a colossal failure.

If we stop it or slow it, then we can be blamed.

Let it unfold and fail.

And then let's say: "WE TOLD YOU SO!"

And take the Senate and impeach the muthafrickin piece of shit.

Just saying.

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