Monday, September 30, 2013


Following the jihad bloodbath at the Nairobi mall, The Economist wonders how many people in the UK convert to the Religion of Rape:
Those who embrace Islam tend to do so after years of contact with Muslims. (Ms Lewthwaite reportedly had a close relationship with Muslim neighbours during her youth.) Some, mostly women who make up around two-thirds of new believers in Britain, convert because they want to marry a Muslim. Others are fed up with what they see as the bawdiness of British society. Many speak of seeking a sense of community. Prisons have proven fertile ground for conversions for men. Some worry that those who convert in jail are exposed to more radical strains of Islam; others say that Islam's discipline and structure, along with the support they received from other Muslims, helped them to cope with life inside.
I'd say it's the prejudiced mindsets lurking in the shadows in Britain that lead to this, to name one example. And becoming part of a gang in prisons for inclusive protection is another. Still another would have to be the atheism that's built up in the UK over many years, to say nothing of the whitewashed view promoted for Islam on the isle.

The article comes unglued, however, when they quote a Muslim propagandist:
Some worry that converts are more vulnerable than others to radical kinds of Islam because they know little about the religion's different traditions. That is not quite right, says Leon Moosavi, an expert on Islamic conversions at Liverpool University. The problem for converts is a lack of support, he argues. Some are abandoned by their families. They may not be accepted into mainstream mosques, many of which in Britain resemble ethnic clubs, he says. That isolation can make them vulnerable to extremists who hope that white converts will add credibility to their cause. But converts who turn to terrorism, as Ms Lewthwaite is suspected of doing, are rare. Indeed, the vast, peaceable majority may help to bridge the gap between Muslims and others.
Nope, they won't, and this only perpetuates the cliched claim that converts "misunderstand". When it truth, it is the apologists who deny the horrific beliefs embedded in the Koran. Furthermore, converts who turn to terrorism may not have been many years ago, but the more the conversions and influence increase, so does the possibility they'll become the useful idiots of Islamofascism.

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