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President Vladimir Putin and Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei now believe they are dealing with a dithering and indecisive American leader, and are calibrating their policies accordingly.
... with Barack Obama, the United States has slid into shocking irrelevance in the Middle East, the world's most turbulent region. Inconstancy, incompetence, and inaction have rendered the Obama administration impotent. In the foreign policy arena, Obama acts as though he would rather be the prime minister of Belgium, a small country that usually copies the decisions of its larger neighbors when casting votes at the United Nations or preening morally about distant troubles. Belgians naturally "lead from behind," to use the famed phrase emanating from Obama's White House.

The foreign policy of the last 5 years has been a fiasco, but this fiasco is NOT a result of "Obama's ineptitude".

The consistency of the results proves that they are not caused by ineptness; ineptness alone would have had varying results - some good and some bad.

Obama's results have all been bad for the USA and our allies and they have all been good for Putin, China and especially the Muslim Brotherhood and similar islamist political parties.

Obama has consistently punished our traditional allies - and islamo-terrorists who don't follow the political TACTICS of the Muslim Brotherhood, Erdogan's AKP, Nasrallah's HIZB'ALLAH and Abbas's FATAH. Obama and Biden and Kerry - since the time they were Senators - have also aided the political islamists in Pakistan specifically the PML(N) of Nawaz Sharif - the Morsi-like PM of Pakistan.

None of these leaders and none of their parties act in the interest of the USA or our allies.

Aiding them is against our interest and the interests of the Free World - yet this is precisely what Obama has done.

Patriotic Americans agree that for the Free World to expand and prosper and be safe and secure that we need an America that leads and has a military that's second to none.

Obama aids them because at his deepest level Obama is a postmodern leftist who believes very deeply that America specifically and the West in general have been negative forces in human history.

It is this viscerally held belief that fuels and directs  Obama's foreign policy - and explains why the result have been consistent and not the result of ineptness.

All postmodern leftists like Obama blame the West for: 
(a) Third World poverty,
(b) the impending "Global Climate Catastrophe",
(c) sexual repression of LGBT's and sex workers,
(d) implanting phony nations within authentic nations at the expense of indigenous peoples - as in the cases of Israel and South Africa,
(e) all racism, and
(f) most of history's genocide.
(a) Without free-market capitalism and industrialization the Third World won't ever become prosperous - (even Bono agrees with this now);
(b) the Earth has not gotten warmer for 16 years despite a doubling of man-made CO2 - and sea level has actually declined the last 3 years;
(c) the Gramscian desire to obliterate the family has led postmodernists to argue that there is no such thing as normative sexual roles and mores, but all species which sexually reproduce value the individuals who can reproduce over the ones who cannot or do not; the future of the species demands this; sexual norms are part of our nature - and typical of ALL human cultures for all time. In other words: "sexually normative" is not a culturally relative term; it is a value inextricably entwined with sexual reproduction and the nature of species which reproduce sexually. Destroying the normative is a political act.
(d) Almost all peoples on Earth are immigrants - Hungarians didn't arrive in Hungary until 895AD; Burgundians and Finns are also immigrants around that era. So-called "native Americans" came here about 40,000 years or so years ago FROM SOMEWHERE ELSE.
As for Israel: Jews have lived there in great numbers continuously, more so than Greeks or Romans or or Turks (who also immigrated into Turkey!) or Arabs. And the Dutch and the British were in South Africa for centuries. Longer than most people today who call themselves Americans - (and had no connection whatsoever to slavery, or the Indian Wars).
(e) There is plenty of racism all over the world between and within many ethnic and racial groups: light-skinned blacks versus dark-skinned blacks; Koreans versus Japanese; and there has always been plenty of tribalism everywhere and for all time.
(f) Most of the genocide in human history was committed by islam; and socialists killed more people in the 20th C than Europeans did in the preceding 20 centuries. (A fact that leftists like Obama conveniently overlook.)
Despite the facts, despite their demonstrable truth, postmodern leftists persist in their negative feelings about the West in general and the USA in particular as the leader of the West/the Free World.

And when you deeply believe that the West and the USA are to blame for all our current problems and maybe a "global climate catastrophe" then of course you are willing to do just about anything to punish the West and the USA and make sure they can never ever ruin things again.

As a postmodern leftist who POTUS and therefore the putative leader of the Free World, Obama is in a difficult position:

Obama must appear to be patriotic without actually being patriotic.

The most obvious illustration of this conundrum Obama must continuously face was when - while campaigning in 2007, he said he wouldn't wear a flag-pin on his lapel - and this greatly pleased his leftist base. Later - needing to appeal to a bigger part of the electorate, he realized it was a good thing to wear the flag-pin: wearing deflected a lot of criticism and helped make him appear to be something he was not: A PATRIOT.

Since then, Obama has repeated this trope in many ways: appearing to be patriotic when he is not.

The results speak more loudly than anything else. The consistency of the results proves this.

And the consistency of his appointments and attempted appointments - as do the characters of the people with whom he has been close for the decades before he ran for federal office:

  • Charles Freeman, 
  • the al Ahzar educated John Brennan
  • Samantha Power, 
  • Rashid Khalidi, 
  • Edward Said, 
  • Bill Ayers, 
  • Rev. Wright, 
  • Jodie Evans, 
  • Louis Farrakhan - to name just a few.
  • And then there's the fact that Erdogan is his closest personal foreign ally.
SO... I must respectfully disagree with distinguidhed critics of Obama like WR Mead and Daniel Pipes:

what they call a "foreign policy fiasco" is "Mission in the Process of Being Accomplished" for Obama and the postmodern left; though Obama can never admit it.


Pastorius said...

Steve Sailer's bio of Obama points out that Barack Obama, Sr. wrote a paper criticizing the Kenyan government. It was called "Some Problems with Our Socialism." His chief criticism was that Kenyan Socialism, was Marxist, that is, Universalist.

BO, Sr. believed it should be nationalist, only for the volk. Not for people who were not indigenous.

Sound familiar?



In America, there would be no sense in pursuing such a policy, even if Obama Jr. were inclined to do so.

Instead, BO Jr. is a anti-colonialist Socialist. I would venture to guess that for Obama, Socialism itself is not that important. That is to say, I don't think it is the end. Instead, it is only a means to an end. And, it's means is that it functions as a way to take the people whom Obama sees as "Colonialists" (read, those of European heritage, and any other "Conservatives" who follow the ideological lineage of the Europeans) down a few notches.

This is why his policies are so specifically targeted at hurting America in general. He believes America has acted as a Colonialist Dictator. Thus, America needs to be unseated from it's throne of power.

I'm sure I'm not telling you anything you don't already know. I'm just writing cuz I'm pissed.

Anyway, fuck Barack Obama and the camel he rode in on.

Reliapundit said...

i agree: the postmodernist part of obama is very strong and he supports the MB and the caliphate because he sees it as a restoration