Friday, August 23, 2013


  • Gays hiring gays = networking.
  • Blacks hiring blacks = networking.
  • Whites hiring whites = racism and discrimination.

There is a Black Congressional Caucus - and people feel this is fine; membership is limited to people of a certain race.

Yet, if some Congressmen wanted to start a "Straight White Men's Caucus" Michelle Obama would declare war and Chris Matthews head would explode.

I think most people are sick and tired of this bullshit.

And we don't want the remedy to be a "Straight White Men/s Caucus".

We want affirmative action and quotas and set-asides and racial caucuses - and the like - to end.

We want applications for schools and jobs to stop asking what race you are and what gender, too.

We want us all to be happy with who and what we are in private, and when we're with family and in our neighborhoods and places of worship. Then, be any hyphenate you want.

And we want us all to be happy with who we are in the public, civil, secular arena - AMERICANS.

Just saying...

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