Friday, July 05, 2013


I think we've really got a case here of "Haredhimmitude" if there ever was one:
The “Shomrim” Haredi police uniformed police force in London has offered to protect mosques in the Hackney district following violent attacks on local mosques, the British edition of Huffington Post reported.

The Shomrim regularly patrol the heavily Jewish populated area of Stamford Hills and often detain suspects until police arrive. The group’s origins are in New York, where the Shomrim organized after being tired of long response times of the local men in blue.

Muslim leaders met with Shomrim officials in a London area mosque to discuss mutual cooperation, promoted by Hackney councilor Ian Sharer, an orthodox Jew who helped found the Muslim-Jewish forum.

"In our ward, the three councilors are two Haredi Jews, and one religious Muslim. We have been friends for many years, and we get on every well,” he told Huffington. “This is a very serious situation, and so I thought, why not call my friends from Shomrim?”

The Muslims welcomed the offer and now have the Shomrim phone number to call if there is trouble.

Recent Muslim attacks have included arson on a community center and a homemade explosive device that was found at a mosque.
I wonder if these are Satmar making the offer? And where were they when Lee Rigby was violently murdered by those two repugnant jihadists in London? As Israel Matzav says, this is shameful, although a commentor from the UK Jewish Defense League says that these aren't the official Shomrim, but appear to be a breakaway group using a similar name. Even so, this is a very embarrassing situation when Jewish groups support enemies who won't genuinely thank them.

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