Monday, June 24, 2013


The UK Independent won't mention their religion, of course, but anyone who knows the components of the Religion of Peace will know where these creepy residents from Jordan are getting their beliefs from:
A new generation of teenagers in the Middle East believe honour killings to be 'justified', according to a new study of young people in Jordan.

The disturbing findings in a study by researchers at the University of Cambridge shows the brutal practice of vigilante justice, predominantly against young women for perceived slights against family 'honour,' still holds sway for significant proportions of the adolescent population.

In one of the first studies of its kind, social attitudes of 15-year-olds in the Middle Eastern country's capital Amman towards honour killings, revealed almost half of boys and one in five girls believe killing a daughter, sister or wife who has 'dishonoured' or shamed the family is justified. A third of all teenagers involved in the research advocated honour killing.

Jordan, like some other countries in the Middle East and Asia has an old tradition of honour killings and a poor record when it comes to criminalising such violence against women.
But they won't say where the mindset comes from, or what educational/religious system leads to it. The Wash. Times does reference it, fortunately:
Though there is nothing new about this phenomenon, which is commonplace in the Muslim-Arab world, it is nevertheless crucial for it to be exposed as often and as thoroughly as possible. It is particularly necessary for it to be examined in countries viewed as “moderate” or “democratizing.”
When a country like Jordan is called "moderate" that's more a problem than a good omen. Since violent crimes like honor murders are part and parcel of the Islamic belief system, it's not good enough for a country like Jordan to just be "moderate".

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I was surprised to see the word "Islamist" used in this English tabloid:


Maybe because it was not an article about Muslims in England.