Monday, March 18, 2013


The new Israeli government's been approved. And among the disapproving in the opposition:
The opposition votes came from the parties that were not included in the government, including Labor, Meretz, the Arab parties - and the two hareidi parties, United Torah Jewry and Shas.
Well, that settles it, the Haredis mean business; that is, they're turning against the factions they never really backed up in the first place.
The vote was taken by roll call, with each MK announcing his or her vote when their name is called. The vote went smoothly without catcalls or comments, for the most part – except for MK Yisrael Eichler (UTJ), who, when his name was called, said “no support for the government of evil.”
Tsk tsk tsk. Some example he's setting there. Just because his party isn't in the coalition now, and Yesh Atid balks at their MO, he has to be so vindictive? Gee.
During the swearing in ceremony, each minister went up to the podium to declare that they would do their job with loyalty to the state and its laws. After Naftali Bennett took the oath of office, the first MK who congratulated him was Yair Lapid, who gave Bennett a bearhug.
Well that's nice. Here's more on the new coalition, and says:
Netanyahu addressed the Knesset after Likud minister Yuli Edelstein was voted in as the new Knesset speaker, replacing Reuven Rivlin.

"As prime minister, I don't have the privilege to abandon the external challenges to Israel. We must ensure the existence of the State of Israel. Therefore, the first priority will be the defense of the country and its citizens."

Netanyahu noted Iran continuing to get closer to crossing the "red line" towards a nuclear weapon, and the threat of some of the "most dangerous weapons in the world" being transferred into the hands of terrorists in a deteriorating Syria as the main threats to Israel.
And the Haredi parties only care about where they are now? Very irresponsible on their part to vote against the government's forming. The yeshivas are not the main concern, it's the external threats and what the PLO/Hamas are doing too that is. They deserve to be outside the government.
Labor leader Shelly Yacimovich spoke after Netanyahu, attacking the new government as a coalition of rich "capitalists" who never had to struggle for money and could not relate to the people.

She referred to the new government as a government of "exclusion," of all marginal groups in society.

The Labor leader stated that all of the coalition members shared a right-wing political ideology.
Which says she's against Yesh Atid as well. And, she's in favor of the Haredi parties, who represent all that's anathema to wider society. Yes, I get the picture. What a shame she's making such a fool of herself.

We'll have to see just how well this new government fares. I'm sure it won't be an easy trip, but time will tell if they succeed.

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