Monday, January 14, 2013


The Comics Reporter interviewed the awful Joe Sacco, who's blabbering about a new book he co-wrote called "Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt" with Chris Hedges, and he continues to espouse in subtle propaganda. First, this part:
The other time I was edited, and it was a much more complicated process, was the book Footnotes In Gaza. I actually had an editor. This is for a book publisher, Metropolitan, as opposed to a comic book publisher. The thing with a regular book publisher [laughs] if I might call it that, they're not used to people just having their own way without... feedback. Without inserting themselves on some level. I sort of wanted an editor in this case, because it was very loaded material. Obviously it was about massacres in Gaza. It involved Palestinians and Israelis so right there you're going to get red flags coming up. My editor happens to be an Israeli citizen -- not that we don't have the same politics, because I think we essentially share the same politics, but she was able to look at the book with certain eyes that I might not have had myself.

She was helpful in very practical ways. For example, I drew a picture of a kibbutz and I drew people in sort of conservative clothing. And she wrote me, "Actually, that particular kibbutz is a secular kibbutz." They would have been wearing overalls, not headscarves.
Was he thinking that people living in a kibbutz adhere to Islam? Even they're not so desperate to do that. And what massacres in Gaza is he talking about? The ones that even the Israeli left is willing to debunk? Sacco still believes taqqiya, very sadly.

He also says:
[...]when I went to Palestine the first time, I didn't even tell Fantagraphics. Fantagraphics was my publisher at the time. I thought no one was going to print this stuff.
He regurgitates the lie of a country bearing the name the Romans gave Israel, and it's shameful that Fantagraphics is willing to publish his propaganda.

Aside from that, I recall a commentor on Breitbart saying that he couldn't stomach Sacco's "artwork". Neither can I. His drawing is very, very poor, and another detractor in his portfolio.

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