Saturday, January 19, 2013


Here's something most utterly crazy coming out of Britain:
JUSTICE campaigner John Clough, whose daughter was murdered by her bodybuilder former partner, has said he would back the introduction of Sharia law.

Today there are an estimated 85 Sharia law courts currently operating across the UK and Mr Clough, from Higherford, was asked to give his views as part of Channel 4’s 4Thought series.

And he has come out in support of the moral code and religious law of Islam, as he believes it takes the views of victims’ families into account.

Jane was brutally murdered by Jonathan Vass in the car park of Blackpool Victoria Hospital in July 2010. He was later jailed for life.

Ever since, Mr Clough and his wife Penny have worked tirelessly on Justice for Jane, to reform bail and sentencing laws, for which Penny was awarded the MBE in the New Year’s Honours list.

In the short clip, Mr Clough said: “Our daughter Jane was murdered by her ex-partner. We don’t believe Jane received justice for the crimes he committed against her. In sharia law, in the case of pre-meditated murder, the judge does not pass the sentence, it is given to the victim’s family and they can choose to have retribution, execution or they can have blood money paid. They can even choose to forgive.

“Had the decision been there to have him executed or sent to prison, I would have built the gallows, I would have carried out the deed myself.

“The Sharia system that gives the victim’s family some input is worthy of consideration. For me, for Penny, for my family to have some say in the punishment factor for the crimes he committed against Jane would give us some satisfaction.”

The programme makers had posed the question – ‘Is there a place for Sharia Law in Britain?’ – and Mr Clough’s contribution was one of five from people of different cultural backgrounds.
Now I think it's awful that the woman was brutally murdered and the pseudo-boyfriend never got the death sentence for his violent crime. But Mr. Clough is deluding himself if he thinks Islamic sharia would favor his side. If this case had been brought before a sharia court, it's more likely that the criminal would have gotten away with his crime altogether, based on the misogyny that's part and parcel of the Religion of Rape, and they could even use the fact that she wasn't married as justification for the murder, plus her status as a "kaffir" (non-believer in Islam) as an excuse for letting him off the hook. And even if she were adherent to Islam, they could still go the lenient route based on gender discrimination.

Hence, Mr. Clough's support for sharia is mystifying, and shows a complete lack of research on the subject.

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