Saturday, November 10, 2012

THE PETRAEUS AFFAIR: classic spy stuff and typical Chicago Machine crap

The Petraeus Affair was a cliched, classic set-up - a conspiracy.

The Chicago Machine needed to be able to blackmail him for future use.

Or to cut him off at the knees had he ever decided to run for POTUS.

It's their SOP.

So, last week they must've told Petraeus to testify according to Obama's wishes or be exposed as an adulterer.

He said "EFF YOU!" and chose to expose himself.

The GOP controlled House must now get all the other players to testify under oath first - Hillary, Clapper, Jarrett, Panetta, Brennan, Ham, et al. Even Obama. ESPECIALLY OBAMA!

That way we get them to testify before they can fix their stories in a way that might explain the Petraeus version.... the TRUTH!

Then - after they've lied under oath, Petraeus can come in and tell the truth.

This is feasible because the hearings are in secret and run by the House and the House chairman, Mike Rogers, is great.

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