Wednesday, November 07, 2012


The American Century began with the Spanish-American War.

And it has just ended with the re-election of Obama.

And wherever atheism, socialism and islamism rule - whether in the Kremlin or in Cairo and Tehran or in Beijing... OR on the Upper West Side of Manhattan - they are rejoicing.

Here are the events which allowed it to happen:

1 - The John Roberts Reversal on Obamacare - and the ensuing papering-over of the fact that it raises taxes while raiding Medicare and failing to cover everyone and failing to contain costs.

2 - Amnesty for illegal immigrants via executive order - pandering to Latinos worked despite the fact that for four years Obama ignored them.

3 - Bernanke's "Quantitative Easing" - which sent the stock market up quickly giving the illusion of economic strength - while lighting the fuse of an impending inflation explosion.

4 - The false unemployment numbers in September and October which showed a Potemkin labor market improvement.

5 - Class Warfare - the Bain attacks and tax return attacks against Romney and the attacks against "the 1%" worked.

6 - The legacy media's outrageous cover-ups for Obama especially of Benghazi - (and Fast & Furious - and also Rezko and the Chicago Machine,  Obama's deep leftist ties with Davis, Wright & Ayers, and covering up the fact that Obama is not truly an African-American but a Kenyan American with no ties to the Civil Rights Movement... and so on).

7 - Hurricane Sandy and the seeming reversal of Governor Christie - which at first stalled Romney's surge and then turned Obama's photo-ops into stature-raising events.

As a result we will get another recession and:
(a) a more leftist and tyrannical SCOTUS,  
(b) another downgrade on our spiraling debt - and spiraling out-of-control inflation,  
(c) sequestration and massive defense cuts - allowing  
(d) Chinese, Russian, Iranian and Muslim Brotherhood hegemony to expand at the expense of our allies in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Israel and Europe.
Only a takeover of the US Senate in 2014 can slow this - and only if it's then followed by impeachment can it stop this.

To accomplish this, the right needs an approach and a leader that's more appealing to urbanites and blue collar workers.

That's Rubio, Jindal, Kasich, and Walker for now.


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Always On Watch said...


Those of us who believe in the principles that build our nation are marginalized.

How long before we are forced to shut up and conform?