Thursday, November 08, 2012

Muslims Destroy Art Because They Believe in Allah, Leftists Destroy Art Because They Believe Money is The Primary Factor In Life, What Do You Think Happens When You Put Muslims and Leftists Together?

Tower Hamlets is a VERY Muslim area of London. 

It is ruled over by a Caliph, I mean, Mayor named Lutfur Rahman.

London itself is a Leftist area of a Leftist nation.

What happens when Leftism and Islam collide in one area of the world?

Iconic statues are destroyed.

From the London Standard:

Mayor Boris Johnson has called on a London council to reconsider selling an "iconic" Henry Moore sculpture. 

Lutfur Rahman, mayor of Tower Hamlets, has decided to sell the council-owned Draped Seated Woman in a bid to claw back money lost in budget cuts. 

But the Mayor of London said: "The decision to sell this iconic work by a key British artist is extremely disappointing. 

"Whilst I appreciate that the council needs to find ways to deal with the prevailing economic climate, I believe more could be done to enable Draped Seated Woman to remain in East London." 

The sculpture, known as Old Flo, was originally sold to Tower Hamlets by Mr Moore at a below-market price in the 1960s with the understanding that it would be placed in east London. 
It has been on loan to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park for the last 15 years and will now be put up for sale as Tower Hamlets attempts to make £100 million savings by 2015. 
The council said it was a "tough decision" but one that was made due to the "massive government cuts we are facing". 
Mr Rahman said: "It is with considerable regret that I make this decision but I have a duty to ensure residents do not suffer the brunt of the horrendous cuts being imposed on us." 
Mr Johnson had previously written to Cllr Rahman in support of a request by the Museum of London for it to be loaned for display at its Docklands site.
The letter argued that "the mayor's proposal goes against the spirit of Henry Moore's original sale" and urged the council to reconsider.
A council spokesman said that the piece was expected to raise between £4 million and £17 million and will be sold through Christie's auction house. 
So, they're going to remove a statue from a Muslim area for, say, $10 million, to cover for a budget shortfall of $100 million.

The issue here is not budgets. It is Islam and Leftism.


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