Thursday, November 29, 2012


The Women in Green movement has the right idea of how respond to the PLO at the UN: by annexing Judea/Samaria:
The Women in Green movement is calling on the Israeli government to immediately annex Judea and Samaria.

The call came in response to the application by the Palestinian Authority Thursday for status as a non-member observer state at the United Nations General Assembly.

In a statement sent to media, WIG spokespersons Nadia Matar and Yehudit Katsover quoted the founding prime minister of the Jewish State, David Ben Gurion, who said, “What's important is not what the Nations say, but what the Jews do!”

Following the expected vote to approve the PA's application on Thursday, the WIG movement “calls upon the Israeli government to respond with the immediate application of Israeli sovereignty over all Judea and Samaria,” they said.
And they're absolutely correct here. If the Israeli government fails to take proper action, they will be risking a serious letdown of their public.

Update: Danny Dayan also sent a similar letter to the PM's office.

Update 2: another reason why this should be done: Joel Pollak at Big Peace reports that the UN intends to expel and deny access to almost every pro-Israel group from the atrocity they're holding. This is just one more reason why Israel should not even bother to have membership in this abominable outfit; they've never truly respected Israel, and this is just one more step they're taking to shunning all pro-Israeli sources out of their offices completely. Yet we shouldn't even stick around there.

Update 3: Germany has backtracked from their earlier stand and will merely abstain from voting (via Hot Air). Doesn't that figure that such a country would do so. Jeff Dunetz has more.

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