Wednesday, November 07, 2012


Again, the GOP has been defeated in the election, and Mitt Romney's conceded gracefully. It's very sad this had to happen. At this point I'm beginning to wonder: where did some of those polls suggesting Romney had a chance come from? If they were cooked up by conservative sources, one can only wonder if they were exaggerated just to be encouraging when reality signaled otherwise.

As for now, I am most definitely disgusted by the damage the now former Congressman Todd Akin caused when he spluttered away about "legitimate rape" and then refused to exit the race. He actually deserves whatever he got. I have a feeling he decided to be a burden upon the GOP and sabotage their efforts deliberately, and if he did, he should be shunned by civilized society. He owes a public apology to both women and the conservative movement for his horrific atrocity, but sadly, he may not give one at all.

Now as for the Jewish vote, I discovered that again, the GOP spectacularly failed to lure much of the Jewish crowd, what with 69 percent voting for Obama, and that includes the Satmar community:
The radical wings of the haredi camp, which is based in the US, thinks otherwise: During the last few weeks, the anti Zionist Satmar sect has been leading an intense campaign on haredi radio stations and internet networks.

Their goal is to persuade voters to neutralize the pro-Israeli factor in the election, with some even specifically calling for the election of Obama, who is perceived by some as hostile towards the community.
There are plenty of ultra-Orthodox in the USA who can vote to the right but the Satmar, with their degrading mindset aren't among them. That aside, what's the use, the election's come and gone, and we see how incredibly, miscalculations were made everywhere, resulting in Obama winning a second term. Here's some more to ponder from Ron Radosh, Jonathan Tobin, Ben Shapiro and Joel Pollak.

And I hope that the right in Israel is going to be careful how it, by comparison, runs a campaign, because here we cannot afford to lose the way the GOP sadly did.

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