Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Tammy Swofford (bio) has written an excellent commentary about what happened in Benghazi on September 11, 2011. Worth your time.

She prefaces her opinion piece in the Daily Times Pakistan with the following:
It is my belief there was both dereliction of duty and gross malpractice in play regarding the denial of needed services as requested by a United States ambassador.
Excerpt from the body of USNR Lieutenant Commander Swofford's essay:
...Ambassador Christopher Stevens needed a more robust security complement. Instead, more than 30 security members were relieved of the mission in Libya in the last six months. What should have been the response of the Commander-in-Chief? When reviewing daily intelligence reports and noting an increase in ThreatCon in Libya, he still allowed his Secretary of State and her chain of command to approve a force reduction. Why were repeated requests for increased security assets by Ambassador Christopher Stevens denied? And why did the State Department try to pass off what was an organised terror attack against the staff at the Benghazi consulate as a mere anti-west provocation by ‘the village people’? Very early on, the images posted on a jihad portal showed scenes that denoted an exceptional use of firepower as opposed to protesters with mere matches and gasoline at their disposal. Who was asleep at the switch? And which analysts did not connect the dots that there was a trigger-pulling event slated for Benghazi?....

Blood on their hands. Diplomatic blood.  [T]he death of Ambassador Stevens was not an accidental event. Read my lips. It could have been prevented....
Read it all HERE.

The Obama administration MUST be held to account for Benghazi!  Americans need to get angry enough to prevent any more diversions and smoke and mirrors on the part of the administration.

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Reliapundit said...

yes: clinton should resign and obama be impeached.

no time for the latter.

just must vote romney.