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What's next, conservative awareness month? Redneck awareness month? Patriot awareness month?

Nah, they would never happen: the left is tolerant of many things: bufu; jihad; polyamory; voter fraud; illegal aliens; one-party media; one-party faculties, but they are NOT tolerant of anything or anyone they consider "right-of-center".

And make no mistake about it: they consider Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Hamilton, Madison, Jackson, and Reagan - who were all at the very CORE and HEART & SOUL of American values - to be "right of center".

That's really the biggest of the "big lies" the left believes in:

That people with political views like us - and and politicians as diverse as Romney and Bush and Reagan - are "right-wing".


We may be to THEIR right, but we are not on the right. 

We are the TRUE CENTER.

That's why gay marriage always loses at the ballot. 

It's not because a majority of Americans are "right-wing"; it's because positions of the vast majority of Americans are traditional, pro-West, pro-Judeo-Christian Civilization.

And the folks who dominate the legacy media and the Democrat Party and faculties and teacher's unions and other PEU's - who CLAIM to be centrists - they're really postmodern leftists who hate, not only the USA, but Western Civilization itself - which they blame for sexual repression, Third World poverty, most of history's genocide, and global pollution which threatens an imminent global climate catastrophe. 

Each of these leftist positions is demonstrably false, but are now accepted as basic presuppositions by today's left.

  1. In the 20th C alone, socialism killed more people than did Judeo-Christianity in the preceding 19 centuries. 
  2. Since its inception - and globally - Islam killed more people than socialism - or any other ideology... EVER. 
  3. Industrialization has extended life-spans and living standards; it doesn't hurt them. 
  4. The Third World is NOT poor as a result of colonialization - the Third World is poor because they haven't industrialized and have too much socialism.
  5. For thousands of years, the West's traditional sexual mores and institutions have helped stabilize families - (the basic building block of society) -  and helped families raise pro-social children and grow them into responsible adults. Societies with non-Western sexual mores and institutions have a poorer record of this. And statistics prove that fatherless homes of any/all races raise criminals and populate our prisons.
People on the left ignore history; they ignore socialism's consistent record of failure - both in economic growth AND in delivering goods and services to the masses; they ignore islam's record of tyranny and genocide and intolerance and ignorance; and they have always excused the totalitarianism of their fellow leftists. 

The left also ignores the fact that traditional, bourgeois, capitalist, and industrial societies are responsible for everything good about modern life: our longer and healthier life spans, our greater material prosperity, and our ability to enjoy our innate rights and liberties.

All we ever need to have a "right-wing" revolution in the country is wake up and motivate the SILENT MAJORITY, the MORAL MAJORITY and get them to the polls.

Anything and everything that demotivates this effort serves Obama and his comrades.

I am a live-and let-live kinda guy. Muslims do not bother me unless they support inflicting sharia and jihad on others - (and most do not as most do not try to emulate Mohammed). Homosexuals don't bother me in less they engage in a radical leftist political and social agenda. When leftists and homosexuals and islamists agitate for totalitarianism, then THEY have crossed the line  - they have vacated the center - and must be counter-attacked.

And defeated.

If you are white or a believer or a capitalist or a successful businessman it's time to step forward and counter-attack the leftists who argue you are the problem.

We are not the problem and they are not the solution.

If we want to wipe-out global poverty and ignorance - (AND WE CAN!), then we need to defeat the failed ideologies which have for centuries - and across cultural and national lines - failed to improve living standards, and life-spans and limited human rights and liberty:

We need to defeat leftism and islamism - (and climate alarmism and its anti-industrialism).

Vote accordingly.

And don't whine: Just always vote for the more "conservative" of the candidates. 

We won't defeat the left in any one election; it will take a dozen elections in a row. So, don't get disheartened. Keep fighting, baby!

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