Friday, July 20, 2012


Mark Steyn talks about how barbarism is returning in this world:
...halfway across the world, the Arab Spring was also hailed as the voice of youth, tweeting its universal message of hope and change. A year on, it's proved to be rather heavier on change, and ever lighter on hope. Egypt's first freely elected head of state is a Muslim Brotherhood man. In the parliament of the most populous Arab nation, the Muslim Brotherhood's party and its principal rival, the Even More Muslim Brotherhood, between them won nearly three-quarters of the seats. In traditionally relaxed and secular Tunisia and Morocco, elections have been won by forces we are assured by the experts are "moderate Islamists" – which means that, unlike the lavishly bankrolled American protectorate of Afghanistan, they won't be executing adulterous women in the street, or at any rate not just yet.
But they will soon, tragically enough. Not that this kind of barbarism had ever vanished; if you know where to look, you'll likely find that it took place right under everybody's noses back in the 50s and 60s too. It's just that a pretentious MSM never wanted to let anyone know about it. And many governments would not research the root cause of the problems or make demands that the RoP be abolished by the regimes where it reigns, so we can see how it continued unchallenged till this day.

And that's why Islamic barbarism is now resurging in the worst ways possible.

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