Wednesday, May 02, 2012


I don't think it's happened yet, but already, some politicians are trying to put in motion a bill to dissolve the Knesset and hold elections in September. The ones in favor of this who particularly bother me, besides any leftist politicians favoring it, are the pretentious Shas party, apparently because they want the "Tal Law" written up so that Hasidics won't have to serve in the army.

If that's what they're up to, it's a disgrace based on how they're the kind of movement that's been pushing the mindset that Hasidics don't have responsibilities of their own for the country, which is not so at all. See this post at Via the Rabbi, which makes a pretty good argument about why they should, and how plenty of Biblical rabbis had jobs of all sorts, which helps make the case about why it's important even for today's Hasidics to do their part in nation-building.

And another reason why this news is so irksome is because, with Iran posing a threat, is this the time to be worrying about elections? Absolutely not. It makes no difference even if the right can find success in this election; the important thing now is to be focused on defeating Ahmedinejad's house of horrors, both nuclear and dictatorial on the ground within.

61 votes are needed in the Knesset for this bill to go through. Whether or not it does, they shouldn't be worrying about that now, but rather, on the danger of Iran.

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