Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Some Thoughts On Sandra Fluke's Claim That A Woman's Contraception Can Cost $3000 Over 3 Years

Her numbers were no fluke. I do not believe Sandra Fluke just made her numbers up. She is a long time activist. She knows how to represent her cause. The podium she has been given here is too big and important for her to just be winging it.

The ONLY way that contraception could add up to $3000 per year is if one has used expensive services repeatedly.

The pill at $9 a year is NOT expensive. Dr. visits and Pap Smears are not that expensive. Not  $1000 a year expensive, anyway.

The services which are expensive are

ABORTIONS (which have an average national cost of $468)


RU-486 - which, with Dr. visits - have an average national cost of approximately $400

So, here's a possible explanation.

Doctor visit (to obtain prescription): $75

Pap Smear (usually required by the Dr.) : $200

The Pill at $9 per month = $108 per year

1 Abortion or RU-486 = $400-468 per year

or, about $851 per year.

So, $1000 per year would be approxiamtely the cost of 1 pap smear, 1 Dr. visit, the pill, plus one abortion.

Remember, abortion is part of the constellation of contraceptive options to these people.

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