Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Failure to get Islamic countries to liberalize is what leads to anti-western sentiments

Max Boot writes on Commentary about the chilling trials that are now taking place against Americans being held hostage in Egypt (and Iran) on trumped up charges, and says that:
Much of the reason Iranians were so anti-American in 1979, after all, was the unlimited backing we had given to an unpopular dictator, the Shah. Likewise, much of the reason Egyptians are anti-American is because of the unlimited backing we gave to another unpopular dictator, Hosni Mubarak. It did not matter in either case that at the last minute, when both men were in danger of toppling, the U.S. effectively withdrew its backing. All that the people of Egypt and Iran would remember was the decades of support for a dictator which preceded the regime’s demise.
Interesting. What it suggests is that, when you blandly tolerate the kind of autocracies being run under Islamofascism, you can't be surprised if anti-Americanism, anti-semitism and racism reign supreme, even behind the scenes.

That's another reason why, as Boot says, we have to make it clear to other autocracies like Saudi Arabia that their methods of dictatorship, misogyny and running other people's lives, not to mention the hostility they have towards Judeo-Christianity, are unacceptable and must push for them to cease with such abominable indoctrination. Otherwise, what we're now seeing in Egypt can and will eventually happen in those Islamic countries as well.

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