Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Soetoro is Squandering Every Gain of the Last 10 Years

At the Claremont Review of Books (hat tip: Scott Johnson), Mark Helprin has a thoughtful essay on the failure of a policy based on a wrongheaded proposition. In the words of Claremont editor Kathleen Arnn:

Our central proposition for 10 years has been that it is possible to transform the Islamic world, and in this effort we have squandered a huge share of our time and resources, when we should have been thinking of our own defense.
True enough, but a big factor in making the past 10 years of effort appear squandered and futile is the result of the last 2 years. As Helprin writes:

In Egypt we have traded our second-most powerful and second-most reliable Arab ally (after Saudi Arabia and Jordan, respectively) for what is likely to be the Muslim Brotherhood linked to Iran and the terrorist infrastructure. Having tamed the lunatic Gaddhafi, we started and have fought—after binding, trussing, and blindfolding ourselves—a civil war to replace him with we know not what. Our diplomacy leans more and more heavily against Israel and less against Hamas, as National Security Council senior director Samantha Power suggests invading the former for building apartments, and we make overtures to the latter despite its conspicuous embrace of terrorism, the thing we are supposed to be fighting.
Those effects are all the result of the policies of the Barack Hussein Soetoro administration. We have as the leader of the Free World, and as Commander in Chief of the United States Armed Forces, a man who is sympathetic to the aims of the worldwide jihad and whose policies are undermining the freedom and security of the American people, and the Constitution he is sworn to uphold.

He should be impeached by the House and given a fair trial in the Senate.

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