Sunday, May 15, 2011


The disgusting al-Nakba riots have claimed at least one victim in Tel Aviv, as an Arab truck driver went on a rampage:
A young truck driver from the Arab village of Kfar Qasm left behind a trail of lethal destruction in south Tel Aviv on Sunday morning after ploughing into several vehicles on Rehov Bar-Lev, in what police suspect to be a deliberate lone-wolf terror attack that left one man dead and 17 people lightly to moderately injured.

"Based on the level of destruction, and the number of people who have been injured and one person killed, it looks as if this was deliberate, but the investigation is still ongoing," police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said, speaking from the scene.

The driver later claimed during questioning that he lost control after experiencing a punctured tire, though his claim is being treated with skepticism by police. Nevertheless, police have refrained from officially declaring the incident to be a terror attack by Sunday night.

The 20-ton Volvo truck, driven by a 22 year-old man who cannot be named due to a court-ordered media ban, departed Kfar Qasm on Sunday morning, and entered Tel Aviv via Route 4, driving through the Mesubim Junction. As the driver approached the Hatikva neighborhood, he struck and ran over several cars, including a blue Volkswagen car driven by 29-year-old Aviv Morag, who was instantly killed.
And was this deliberate? If the following tells something:
A witness who claims he stopped the driver who hit several cars on Tel Aviv's Bar Lev Street Sunday in what police called a suspected terror attack said he initially thought the driver had just lost control of his brakes.

Arik Levy told Israel Radio that when he went to go help the driver, he saw him continue to hit cars and street lights, and heard him saying "Allahu Akbar" and "death to Jews."
Definitely, this is all the fault of the Islamists who perpetrate the lie of "al-nakba", and incite against Israel based on that libel. You could even add that it's the fault of any employer who continues to allow Muslims to take jobs involving dangerous vehicles like a freight truck.

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