Monday, January 03, 2011

Protecting Islam and Multicultrualism Is More Important To The Left Than Protecting Women's Rights

From Israel National News: Arabs Harass Female 'Peace' Activists; Left Silences Victims
Two activists have exposed a disturbing phenomenon that they say is an open secret within the “peace camp”: female “peace” activists are routinely harassed and raped by the Arabs of Judea and Samaria with whom they have come to identify. They say the phenomenon has gotten worse lately and that many foreign women end up as wives of local Arabs against their will, but cannot escape their new homes.

Roni Aloni Sedovnik, a feminist activist, penned an article in News1 – an independent website run by respected investigative reporter Yoav Yitzchak – under the heading “The Left's Betrayal of Female Peace Activists Who were Sexually Assaulted.”

“A nauseous atrocity has been going on for a long time behind the scenes at the leftists' demonstration at Bil'in, Naalin and Sheikh Jarrah [Shimon HaTzaddik],” she writes. “A dark secret that threatens to smash the basic ideological values upon which the demand to end the occupation of the Territories rests.”

It turns out, she explains, that when female peace activists from Israel and abroad come out to Judea and Samaria and demonstrate against the Israeli “occupation,” they are assaulted sexually by the Arab men whom they have come to help. These are not isolated incidents, Aloni-Sedovnik stresses. Rather, this is an “ongoing and widespread” phenomenon that includes verbal and physical abuse. She accuses the 'peace' camp of purposely covering up the trend so as not to offend “the Palestinians and their heritage, which sees women as sexual objects.”
There are multiple reasons for this:

1) Islam is more important to the Left, because it is more dangerous to the Western Tradition, and the destruction of the West is more important to the Left than are the Rights of Women.

2) The Left is more afraid of Islam than it is of women, and the Left is more motivated by fear than they are motivated by a real drive to better the world.

3) The Left is racist in it's heart, and this is why they consider sexual assault to be integral to "the Palestinians and their heritage." In other words, the Left believes that the sexual assault of females is so important to the Palestinians as an ethnic group they actually believe that to remove the act of sexual assault from the behavior of Palestinians would upset the balance and disrupt their Traditional Culture.


Unknown said...

This is what Islam is all about:


Reliapundit said...

agreed: the postmodern left wants to bring down the west above all else.

and their moral relativism makes it impossible for them to be critical of non-western culture.

2421Rich said...

No surprise here! Even the Lefts so called "womans advocacy groups turn their backs on women when not doing so would go against Leftard goals. They are just a bunch of Communists and fellow travelers who use women just like they use every other group. May God break the arms, legs, and teeth of these evil phony advocates.