Sunday, January 30, 2011


Let's see, as Egypt continues to deteriorate on its way to sharia, the population's anger turns against Israel and the USA. And worse, El Baradei is in talks with none other than the Muslim Brotherhood to form a dictatorship worse than the current (via Jihad Watch):
The Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt's largest opposition group,is in talks with other anti-government figures to form a national unity government without President Hosni Mubarak, a group official told DPA on Sunday. [...]

Gamal Nasser, a spokesman for the Brotherhood, told DPA that his group was in talks with Mohammed ElBaradei - the former UN nuclear watchdog chief - to form a national unity government without the National Democratic Party of Mubarak.
I wonder if Nasser is related to the dictator who dwelled in the 1950s? I did a search to make sure my knowledge was accurate that Gamal Abdel Nasser was the dictator - the second official one - in Egypt from 1956 till his death in 1970. The Brotherhood's spokesperson's name sounds surprisingly similar, so one can only wonder.

And seeing all this chaos forming, I feel I have to say: thank you Menachem Begin,* for signing a "peace treaty" with that nazi spy Anwar Sadat in 1979, and ceding the Sinai peninsula. This Expatica article, published just 2 years ago, gives some insight into how the nazis invested in monsters like Sadat during WW2. Because Begin had to be so stupid to even allow someone like Sadat into the country at the time, we ended up losing a defensible border. Now, because of that, not only did Israelis from Yamit lose their homes at the time, but if the Muslim Brotherhood rises, they could set up an army in the Sinai and use it as an attack base.

Begin's grave error is something to learn from, and it's going to be the hard way.

Update: Barry Rubin has written his own commentary about El Baradei.

* Benny Begin, his son, never attended the "anniversaries" held for this now crumbling peace treaty. He seems to understand.

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