Thursday, December 23, 2010


Coldest year in 25 years for the Balearics


Coldest temperatures in 30 years bite Scotland

A HOUSING landlord fears hundreds of its tenants could be hit with burst pipes and heating failures on Christmas Day.

The switchboards at Dumfries and Galloway Housing Partnership were bombarded with more than 1,000 concerned callers on Monday mainly related to the Arctic weather which is gripping the region.

According to Ian Dawson, Met Office manager at the Eskdalemuir observatory, overnight temperatures on Monday dropped to -14°C – the coldest since 1981.

IRELAND: We've endured coldest start to winter since records began

Thursday December 23 2010

IT has been the coldest start to a winter since records began more than 130 years ago.

The freeze in the first three weeks of the month means that, despite the thaw due from St Stephen's Day, this December will officially be the coldest on record, Met Eireann said.

New lows have been set across the country this month. Last Monday night in Co Mayo -17.2C was measured -- the coldest temperature ever recorded in Ireland during December.

But globally, things have rarely been so warm.

According to NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies, 2010 is set to be the third warmest year ever, while 2009 came in second place.

This has led many Irish people to ask an obvious question -- if global warming is really happening, why is there half a metre of snow on the ground?

One of the country's leading climatologists, John Sweeney, says the apparent contradiction results from confusing climate with weather.

["...confusing climate with weather..." = BWAHAHAHA!]


Treasure Coast residents could be waking to a record-setting cold Tuesday — and to the second coldest December on record so far, according to National Weather Service records.

Only the first part of December 1957 was colder.

This December is averaging 68.3 degrees in the daytime and 43.7 at night: about 10 degrees cooler than average. And Tuesday’s predicted early morning low of 27 degrees could drop that even farther.

And it’s not even winter until Dec. 21.

Tuesday’s high is to rise to 53 degrees before plunging back down 30 degrees overnight.

“I’m apprehensive,” said Stan Carter, 71, who planned to be outside periodically throughout Monday night, checking on MacArthur Farms’ 450 acres of citrus in St. Lucie County.

The company flooded the groves with water to help keep temperatures up in the groves. Early Tuesday he will be out, with a filet knife, to see the outcome.

A crunching sound as he cuts into fruit means the fruit’s interior froze, greatly lessening its market value. The National Weather Service says bird baths could be frozen early Tuesday, but not ponds and lakes.

But tropical vegetation in yards is expected to be hard hit, according to Indian River County Agricultural Extension Director Christine Kelly. That includes poinsettias.

Also there could be more damage to vegetable crops along the Treasure Coast, officials said.

Only the barrier islands from Vero Beach south may be spared freezing because of the nearby warmer waters, according to the National Weather Service. However the wind chill through the Treasure Coast could make nighttime lows feel like they are in the teens or mid 20s.


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