Monday, September 13, 2010

Now I get it!

After 9/11, in the UK, I started to learn about islam. Hindus in the part of London that I lived always said: "The muslims have a continual internal conflict between sunni and shia. There are sunni areas in London and shia areas". Gradually I began to notice: the big black flags of the shahaada hung from shia mosques in my area, green sunni flags in other areas.

Croats - who joined with muslims against the Serbs, at the start of the Balkan War, in the 1990's

Reading this article at Atlas Shrugs today, the final piece has fallen into place. Rauf, of the Ground Zero insult,  is a Sufi, which is a sect of shia islam: he has planted the shia black shahaada flag of jihad in New York. Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia is funding the attacks on Serbs and other Europeans by their sunni nazi muslims from Bosnia and Kosovo as well as from sunni Pakistan. Europe will be part of Saudi Arabia, America will be part of the Iranian sphere of influence. Rather like a parody of the US and Russian spheres of influence, staked out during the Cold War.

The West has been carved like a dead chicken, assisted by the slavering greed of our leaders!


Pastorius said...

Interesting. It would be even more interesting if there were some convincing evidence that there is a Sunni vs. Shia split along Party lines in America.

For instance, Norquist is married to a Sunni bitch.

Paul Wolfowitz' girlfriend was, I believe, a Sunni.

Obama digs the Shias.

Problem is, the Repubs are very partial to Saudi, and they are Sunni, and Bush was the one who started negotiating with Iran about the Iraq situation. Bush also emphasized Sistani, a Shia.

I don't know what to make of any of this.

Reliapundit said...

it's unimportant: all are muslims.