Saturday, September 18, 2010


One argument the Arabs make against Israeli land-for-peace offers is that they turn the so-called "west bank" into a series of Arab Bantustans. It's a PROPAGANDA - (maps at link):
5. Myth: "Negotiations broke down at the end of 2000 because Israeli PM Ehud Barak offered the Palestinians only "Bantustans" - disconnected islands of Palestinian sovereignty, and failed to offer Palestinian control over holy places in Jerusalem.
This is popular among leftists, too - (links to: Sharon’s Dream: Gaza as Bantustan).



Because those who promotes this LIE are very willing to accept a "west bank" with JEWISH Bantustans.

That's right: what's somehow unacceptable for Arabs on the so-called "west bank" is perfectly fine for Jews. According to this "peace process" approach, Jews SHOULD be herded onto small settlements forever prohibited from any expansion.


Israelis deserve this land - most, if not all of it - for the same reason as every other nation in the world deserves its territory: THEY WON IT IN WAR.

If Arabs don't like it, then they can leave.

And if they fight back, then they should expect the same treatment at the hands of Israel as the PKK gets from Turkey and the Chechens get from Russia and the Uighurs get from China and the Basques get from Spain and the Tamils expect from Sri Lankans. And so on.

An annexed "west bank" (and a one state solution) can only happen after the Free World - the West - neutralizes the Iranian regime and eradicates Global Jihad. Then the Arabs in Judea and Samaria can live as well as the Arabs in Israel - which is better than most Arabs live anywhere in the world.

MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT THIS: there can be NO movement toward a one state solution until "local jihad" is eradicated there and in Gaza and until Global Jihad is eradicated and that can't happen until Iran is neutralized --- and that can't happen until their islam-fascist regime is replaced with on that's pro-West. Then we have to get Saudi Arabia and Pakistan under control.

Before there can be a one state solution, Iran has to have regime change, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan have to stop funding and hiding jihad, Fatah and Hamas and IJ and all their subsidiaries and affiliates have to be UTTERLY DEFEATED.

And then all the Arab and Muslim nations have to recognize so-called "Greater Israel".

Then and only then can there be peace in Samaria and Judea.

IOW: The West has the horse before the cart right now: an Arab-Israeli peace deal won't stop global jihad. And there can't be a peace deal until the major source of global jihad is neutralized.

IOW: Strength before peace. IOW: Victory before peace.

That's just the way it is. That's just the way it really is.

Those who think there can be a peace deal before victory over jihad are deluded.

Giving them Gaza did nothing but encourage more terror. Any "deal" between Israel and Fatah will bring more of the same.

That's just the way it is. That's just the way it really is.

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