Monday, April 12, 2010


Anat Kam, the journalist and former army member who gave classified documents to Haaretz journalist Uri Blau, now appears to be trying to cooperate with authorities and fix the damage before it's done:
Journalist Anat Kam, who is accused of stealing thousands of classified IDF files, has waived her claim to journalistic immunity. Kam is calling on the reporter to whom she gave the files, Haaretz writer Uri Blau, to bring them back to Israel.

Kam is accused of stealing over 2,000 classified IDF documents during her service in the IDF, where she worked in the office of the GOC Central Command. She gave many of the documents to Blau, who used them to write an article in 2008 accusing Israel of killing terrorists who could have been arrested.

Blau made a deal with the Israel Security Agency to turn over the files he received from Kam, and in September 2009 he gave agents dozens of files. However, agents later realized that Blau had hundreds of other files which he had not returned.

Blau, who had traveled to London in the meantime, refused to return to Israel and hand over the other files, apparently due to concerns that the files could be used to implicate Kam.

"I think he didn't reveal the documents because he wanted to protect her,” said Kam's attorney, Avigdor Feldman. “Now she has waived her immunity as a source. She's asking him to return, and as I understand it, his return will help bring this matter to a close.”
Okay, this I have to question. Is this some sort of trick to obscure the offense Blau has committed by taking the stolen items and holding them illegally? And if some of the documents have already been given back, doesn't that implicate her anyway? Sorry, not buying those cheap excuses. She's doing the right thing just now to at least call on baddie Blau to return the illegally taken documents.

Update: after reading this article titled "Kam: History forgives those who expose war crimes" I think I'll have to look down my nose at Kam again, and see her as someone who's really just a disgrace and shame indeed.

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