Friday, April 16, 2010

Even 9-Month-Olds Choose 'Gender-Specific' Toys

The Feminists, Postmodernists, and Leftists of the world would like us to believe that all males are born eunuchs, and only develop penises, egos, and aggression out of a process of negative socialization, but it turns out we're born loving guns, balls, and Harleys.

Gee, what do you know?

From Health Day:
Parents may want their girls to grow up to be astronauts and their boys to one day do their fair share of child care and housework duties, but a new study suggests certain stereotypical gender preferences take root even before most kids can crawl.

When presented with seven different toys, boys as young as 9 months old went for the car, digger and soccer ball, while ignoring the teddy bears, doll and cooking set.

And the girls? You guessed it. At the same age, they were most interested in the doll, teddy bear and miniature pot, spoon and plastic vegetables.

"The boys always preferred the toys that go or move, and the girls preferred toys that promote nurturing and facial features," said study author Sara Amalie O'Toole Thommessen, an undergraduate at City University in London.

But, no matter how conclusive the evidence is, the Postmodern crowd (which is, after all, a group of people who are in the business of denying that there is such a thing as objective truth) will continue to deny that penises mean natural aggression and a lust for action:

So does this mean that boys and girls have an innate preference for certain types of objects? Or does socialization -- that is, the influence of parents and the larger culture -- impact children's choice of toys very early in life?

It's too soon to rule either out, said Walter Gilliam, director of the Edward Zigler Center in Child Development and Social Policy at Yale University.

Thing is, once all these chicks get boned by an aggressive guy with a lust for action, I wonder if they'd be able to find it in themselves to question the Objective Truth that they had an orgasm?


Or, they'd just say they faked it. And, since all textual interpretation is done through a collective process (according to Postmodernist Deconstructionism), I guess the non-orgasm would be just as true as the orgasm, right?

That's why you should never have sex with Leftists.


ActionJon said...

Some of these studies are flawed: you don't know if the objects "they're supposed" to choose have different colors than the others, to make them choose one over the other. I'm not sure a toddler's mind is developed enough at that stage to make a reasonable choice. We are, but we have been victims of advertisement. Check care bears vs transformers: gender stereotypes

Juniper in the Desert said...

There is a group of lefties in UK, some female MPs and so-called "activists", who started a group called "pinkstinks" a couple of months ago.

This is to turn all girls, in a pavlovian way, away from liking the colour pink! This is what we have to pay for in our taxes!

As the mother of a daughter, it is clear from THE MOMENT OF BIRTH! that boys and girls are completely different. The grandson of a friend has been obsessed with tools and trucks since before he could walk. I tried to interest my own child in trains and such when she was young: no go! As I've got older, I like pink more! (frightening)

It is obvious certain people are not going to be happy with the truth, it just does not fit in with their dogma. Like the climate change nonces.

What interests me is when their garbage and the islamic garbage collides, what happens, 'cos sure as anything, muslimes believe that everything is allah-created.

Can't wait!

Reliapundit said...




revereridesagain said...

Oh goodie! Now we can repeal that silly amendment giving wimmin the vote and we of the "weaker sex" can all go back to the kitchen and the nursery in our pink dresses and high heels, where we belong.

Do you guys every grow up? Honestly, sometimes I'm embarrassed being part of this movement.

Reliapundit said...

revere: u r being silly/dumb.

accepting the reality that the genders are different from the get go - our brains etc - doesn't mean all the crap you say it means - not to us.

eff off if you think it does.