Wednesday, April 14, 2010

American Airlines jet makes emergency landing in Iceland due to "fumes" in cabin

BBC: A US passenger jet has made an emergency landing in Iceland after reports of chemical fumes in the cabin.

The Boeing 767 landed safely just after 1345 GMT, Fridthor Eydal told Associated Press. No-one was injured.

The flight, with 145 people on board, was travelling from Paris to Fort Worth in Texas.

The plane was diverted after five crew members said they felt ill in the cooking area after reports of fumes in the cabin.

The source of the fumes was being investigated, said Mr Eydal.

Hmm: I wonder if any Arabs or Muslims were on board and if so I wonder if they made some "interesting" visits to the lavatories? Or could Muslim airport personnel in Paris have loaded something into the jet's galley's?

I mean: like maybe the jihadoterrorists have decided, "why go to all the trouble to blow up a plane if you can kill everyone in the cabin with gas more easily?"

Dunno. Stay tuned...

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