Saturday, February 27, 2010


I'll tell you who:
  • In Europe: Geert Wilders; Nick Farage and Vaclav Klaus.
  • In the USA: Jim Demint; James Inhofe; Antonin Scalia; Clarence Thomas and Sarah Palin.
  • In Science: Richard Lindzen; Lord Monckton; Anthony Watts; Roy Spencer.
  • In the Arts & Letters: Arvo Part; Tom Wolfe; David Mamet; Michael Crichton & Oriana Fallaci (RIP).
If we survive as a civilization for two more decades it will be because, in large measure, of these men and women and because of men and women like them.

Courageously fighting PC, leftism, eco-alarmism, jihadism - unafraid of the totalitarians of the Left or Islam.

The leftists who now run the movie studios, the networks (save Fox!), the publishing companies, and curate the galleries and the museums and dominate college faculties are the New Establishment. Either their time will soon be up, or it's over for us all.


jdamn said...

Jim DeMint? I adore the guy, but he's no Tom Tancredo.

Tancredo, Hugh Fitzgerald, and Mark Steyn.

Shoot, we're all dissidents. The only way to really be a rebel these days is to be a proud conservative Zionist.

Joey Ramone was so ahead of his time.

jdamn said...

And Michael Crichton? Have you read 'Inschallah?' Oriana Fallaci carried the torch of Western civilization like no other. She understood that we were at war as soon as we were. She warned us. Michael Crichton didn't do that.

Reliapundit said...

crichton was great on agw and one of the first major hwood people to DISSENT.

will add orianna.

Reliapundit said...

i tried to salute writers who wrote arts/fiction not just journalists like fallaci.

Pastorius said...

Michael Crichton is dead.

Arvo Part deserves to be on the Arts and Letters list. He has, almost single-handedly returned music to Orthodoxy in form and content.

Paul Johnson, the Historian, is pretty important, to my mind.

Our best dissidents are yet to come, or yet to be heard of.

The West will not be lost.

Reliapundit said...

Arvo Part - yes!

jdamn said...

Fallaci wrote a few fiction works - 'A Man,' 'Letter to a Child Never Born,' and 'Inshallah.'