Friday, January 22, 2010


A very eye-opening development has come up in the case involving the Global Revolution Church, which betrayed Blake and Beverly Lorenz: Brian Smith, one of the heads of the church, and Omar Tarazi, the CAIR lawyer for the Bary parents, are now facing charges for embezzling and mail tampering. Among some of the details here:
Perhaps the most disturbing element to the crimes committed by Brian Smith, Tom Sanchez and Jeff Parker is that they have illegally embezzled and/or misappropriated funds sent to the church from all over the country by Rifqa's supporters intended for Rifqa’s legal defense fund. The Orlando law firm overseeing her defense fund, Fowler, O'Quinn, Feeney & Sneed, confirmed this week that they have not found any records of EVER receiving any monies from Global Revolution Church sent to the church designated for Rifqa’s legal defense. I have been provided copies of checks sent to the church designated to Rifqa's defense fund, confirming that monies were in fact received, but never forwarded to Fowler, O'Quinn, Feeney & Sneed.

Anyone who sent checks to the Global Revolution Church or transferred money through the church's PayPal account since August for Rifqa's defense is encouraged to contact the Orlando Police Department at 321-235-5300 (complaint desk) to report the funds missing.

The “Judas Three” are also facing federal mail tampering charges. After the trio engineered a church leadership coup and fired the Lorenzs back in September, they intercepted personal mail intended for the Lorenzs sent to the church post office box. Instead of forwarding the mail to the Lorenz’s in accordance with federal law, they sent the mail to CAIR attorney Omar Tarazi, who is representing Rifqa's parents in Ohio. Tarazi, knowing that the mail had been illegally obtained, then attempted to use this purloined correspondence to sabotage negotiations with Rifqa's legal team, making him an accessory after the fact to the Judas Three's felonious mail tampering. Additionally, Tarazi never notified postal authorities of the crime as required of an officer of the court. The mail tampering was attested to in an affidavit submitted to the Ohio court last month by Blake Lorenz (see earlier post)
I expect following this that Tarazi will be disbarred from law practice, and the Ohio court dealing with the case will make sure not to allow CAIR officials to represent any more cases dealt with there. As for Smith and his 2 cohorts at the church, this is truly disgraceful that people presumed to be God-fearing were stealing people's money. It will likely deal a blow to Global Revolution Church's credibility as long as they're under the management of the Judas Three, whom I hope will spend time in prison for assisting in potentially endangering the life of a girl fleeing an abusive family.

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