Thursday, September 10, 2009

Has the Democratic Party Been Hijacked by a Tiny Minority of Extremists?

Ahhh, the Democratic Party, that great American institution, that bastion of progress, bedrock of our way of life. It has made countless worthwhile contributions to the American legal system and culture, such as open borders, the right to be extorted by the federal government for one’s labor for seven out of every twelve months of the year, the right to kill one’s own babies, and the right to treat Uncle Sam as an absentee landlord by paying him rent (property tax) on land which one already owns outright, just to name a few. Unfortunately, a few bad apples have made the whole bushel look pretty unappetizing of late, and have caused many to question whether said bad apples might actually be representative of the party as a whole. Communists, troofers, those who oppose freedom of speech, would-be organ thieves, racists and race-baiters of every flavor have recently turned up in, of all places, the White House. These people could not possibly represent the views and experiences of Democrats as a whole, could they? After all, Democrats are not monolithic and most are, in fact, quite moderate. My question is this: has the Democratic Party been hijacked by a Tiny Minority of Extremists?

I would certainly hope so. I would hate to have to consider that something might be fundamentally, very deeply wrong with the Democrats’ ideology and approach to government. Some Democrats are actually very good public servants who have committed themselves to advancing and preserving the American way of life. Take, for instance, Joe Lieberman. He is a guy who has consistently worked to keep us safe, supported our allies, and generally done what was best for his constituents and the rest of us. Oh, wait. He is an Independent now. Well, John and Bobby Kennedy were hawks on foreign policy who fought against communism and for civil rights. Darn. None of those positions reflect those of the Democratic Party. Well, FDR was a great president. Sure, he undermined the Constitution by running for a third term, applied Keynesian economics (which have long since been disproven and which never held up to simple arithmetic) to vastly expand the federal government and create an enormous welfare state, and refused to fight Hitler even as he slaughtered Jews left and right and rolled over democracy after democracy until he finally started posing a real threat to Stalin’s precious commies, but it all worked out in the end. Well, except for every program FDR put in place, all of which were instant failures. Plus, Truman really won the War, but whatever. I’m sure FDR was a good president. My professors told me so.

That was all in the past, anyway. My main concern is the here and now. I just have to wonder whether the crazies and the radicals in the White House represent the Democratic Party at all. Are Democrats troubled by the fact that 37 czars occupy positions in the White House, czars who are not subject to Senate confirmations and who dictate policy under cover of darkness? Are Democrats at all bothered by the totalitarian nature of their roles and the fact that they necessarily serve to undermine our precious system of checks and balances? Democrats love and wish to preserve our capitalistic republic, do they not?

For crying out loud, we have a Science Czar who based his career on the idea of de-development and de-population, even though development is essentially the primary manifestation of human progress and the scientific consensus since 1961 has been that population rates are in decline. Common sense dictates that both curbing de-population and increasing development are really the only way to take care of the elderly, who keep living longer and who continue to be the fastest-growing segment of the population. Oh well. Maybe we are just a “pulsating mass of maggots” and surely there must be some sort of benefit in the mass sterilization of the populace via the water supply. Besides, forced abortions might be kind of fun. We sure do not hear many complaints about them coming out of China.

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