Monday, September 21, 2009


I've checked the news on the current hearing today of Rifqa Bary at Atlas Shrugs. And if I've got the following news correct:
4:15 Judge says rifqa stays with foster family while he communicates with ohio judge to determine jurisdiction and what kind of case this is dependency or criminal or truancy.
So there's another fortunate reprieve for her, but as one commentor says, we can't be overconfident.

Update: and all is not well. According to the following, the Lorenz children have been banned from visiting Rifqa, thanks to this disgusting lawyer Shayan Elahi, whom the parents hired. This is also because the "parents" are even filing a complaint against the Lorenz family. More about this at the Examiner.

On a related note, Hugh Fitzgerald writes about the St. Petersburg propagandist Michael Kruse, who, it turns out, is really a sports writer, and clearly not fit for his job. Plus, as told here:
And what about a systematic boycott of those papers -- the St. Petersburg Times, the Orlando Sentinel -- by their advertisers, who should be apprised of what these papers are doing, or not doing? Or, if the advertisers won't raise this issue, then why should not individuals, or groups, let those advertisers know that as long as they continue to advertise in the St. Petersburg Times, and the Orlando Sentinel, others will choose not to give them their custom?
I do agree that's time to boycott the newspaper for which people like him are working, and perhaps to avoid all businesses advertising in them as well.

Update 2: Yid With Lid raises some good questions: if the lawyer is a member of unindicted co-conspirator in terrorism CAIR, should Elahi be allowed to act as the "parents" lawyer? I do think an appeal should be made to challenge Elahi on whether he should be representing them. Here's also an article from Investor's Business Daily.

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