Friday, February 06, 2009


Turkey's Air Force just attacked Kurdish PKK targets in Iraq - again.

They did this in October, and May, 2008.

So in spite of his tirade against Israel and walkout at Davos, it is o.k. for Turkey to bomb its enemies in another sovereign nation.

Perhaps they got permission from the Government of Iraq?

But Gaza is not a sovereign nation - so who is going to give Israel "permission" to defend itself?

And who is giving the US permission to operate drones in Pakistan??

Erdogan wants to have his cake and eat it too!

He wants us to believe that Turkey is fit to be a member of the EU... and he wants Turkey to help establish the Caliphate.

He wants us to believe he cares for the human rights of innocent civilians... and he wants to defend the interests of Turkey cost what it may.

RELIAPUNDIT: GREAT POST! Erdogan's harsh criticism of Israel's actions against Hamas in Gaza means he is denying Israel the same rights Turkey has - and the absence of any criticism of the USA in Afghanistan means he thinks America has the same right to self-defense, too. When you hold Israel to a separate standard than all other nations youy are guilty of antisemitism. Erdogan is an antisemite. NO SURPRISE: He's an islamist trying to undo Attaturjk;s reforms and turn Turkey into a sharia state. He's doing it the way Obama wants to turn the USA inbto a socialist state: INCREMENTALLY. Don't be fooled by either of these men.

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