Monday, January 05, 2009

Why Obama Won

The Boston Globe explains why Obama won. He took in most of the urban votes, and scientists have determined that living in a city makes you stupid:

Now scientists have begun to examine how the city affects the brain, and the results are chastening. Just being in an urban environment, they have found, impairs our basic mental processes. After spending a few minutes on a crowded city street, the brain is less able to hold things in memory, and suffers from reduced self-control. While it's long been recognized that city life is exhausting -- that's why Picasso left Paris -- this new research suggests that cities actually dull our thinking, sometimes dramatically so.

"The mind is a limited machine,"says Marc Berman, a psychologist at the University of Michigan and lead author of a new study that measured the cognitive deficits caused by a short urban walk. "And we're beginning to understand the different ways that a city can exceed those limitations."

One of the main forces at work is a stark lack of nature, which is surprisingly beneficial for the brain. Studies have demonstrated, for instance, that hospital patients recover more quickly when they can see trees from their windows, and that women living in public housing are better able to focus when their apartment overlooks a grassy courtyard. Even these fleeting glimpses of nature improve brain performance, it seems, because they provide a mental break from the urban roil.

As H.L. Mencken observed, "nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public." An urban public, may I add.


Reliapundit said...

not only do cities make you dumber but they make you think you're smarter.

they do this by constantly reinforcing the majoritarian view: nyc is very diverse culturally but not politically.

if you're a conservative then you are a pariah. a dummie.

if you're a lib then you are given the stamp of approval: "YOU ARE SMART"..

cuz you hold the "right" views.

i get away most weekends and look at trees. this is why i can maintain my smarts and be a conservative.

spa-shout said...

“No Burris in our Senate” protests Harry Reid, the ever so self righteous. “Blago, you evil, step down. Richardson, we will not tolerate corruption in our pure and infallible government,” Democratic crocodile honorables are proclaiming! “We wash our hands of you, Blabbing Blago,” the so very nobles exclaim to the caught-with-his-pants-down Illinois Democratic governor. My, my, my, what proud defenders of decency, honesty and justice our politicians have recently become! There wonderful actions should make your heart soar like an eagle with pride.
With politicians of such of integrity, why am I not soaring like an eagle? How come I don’t feel ever so clean, safe and humble in the face of this brave leadership? Why is it I only feel disgust? Could it be the only reason the Dems are angry with Blago is because he was careless enough to get caught? Could it be the timing of Blago’s arrest is of special benefit to the Obama thugs? Somewhere in the Obama worshiper’s murky souls is joy because all MSM attention is focused on Blago, Burris, and Richardson. They have turned these guys into red herrings so they can complete their final strategy without interference? While MSM is wasting news time making a big deal over these menial scandals, it continues to keep public the attention off the greatest and most horrible crime about to happen to America. The master minds of this hideous conspiracy are hoping the public will not notice or even care they are placing a USURPER in the Whitehouse! They are coating the event with so much glitz and glitter; they actually think the public will believe this is cause for celebration instead of profound sorrow! These guilty conspirators not only steal the presidency, rape the Constitution, they mind fuck the public! That is audacity at its finest!
Strange as it is, Obama is far less offensive to me in the over all scheme than the people currently in government who aided and abetted him knowing fully that once installed, he will be a USURPER. If I were Obama with an opportunity to be President regardless if I were or were not a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN, I would do exactly what Obama has done and is doing. Hooray for me and the heck with you! To hell with the American constitution. To hell with America. Take it to the limit and see if I can get away with it. What is there to lose compared with what is there to win? If Obama does get away with it, then he can become Emperor of the Universe. If the stupid American people should wake up, and say; “No, Obama, you are not qualified, you can not be president.” So what! So what is the worst they can do to him? So what if Sotoero’ hands get slapped. So what if he doesn’t get to play in that sand box for awhile. It is a small risk for such a huge prize.
If Sotoero takes the oath Jan.15, 2009 on President Lincoln’s Bible, our present government will knowingly have installed a USURPER. From Jan.15, 2009 forward the American people have been betrayed by their own elected people. This day will go forever down in world history as the blackest day of America. It will be known as the day the completion of the Coup d’ etat. America was sold to the highest bidder. In more basic terms, if Obama is sworn in on Jan.20, 2009, The American people have been screwed, blewed, and tattooed by its own government. The Obama thugs and worshipers will have taken America down a no return “shit’s creek”.
Obama is not the only villain in the Coup d’ etat. Obama has a whole legion of traitors willing to commit treason against America. The real villains are the whores and sluts of Congress, state and Supreme Courts, and the American People who knew Obama did not qualify and ignored the rule of the Constitution and supported him any way. Bill and Hilary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Oprah Winfrey, The Kennedys, every member of the electoral college who voted for Obama in spite of being well advised to not do so until Obama first established proof he is qualified. (Which to this date he has not.) The judges who refused to make a simple court order—ask Obama to produce his docs and prove he qualifies. These judges chose not to do their jobs and dismissed the many law suits based upon technicality. They, too, are guilty and responsible for the loss of America. These judges know who they are and so does the American public. The nine Judges of the Supreme Court who appear to be going along with the Coup d’ etat rather that honor their oath to uphold and protect the Constitution of the United States and throw the bum out! (Justice Roberts has agreed to swear Obama, the Usurper into office.) What does that make Justice Roberts? What does that predict about what the judges are going to rule regarding Obama’s eligibility to be POTUS.
It is quite obvious there is a reverse lynch mentality in the actions of these Obama Worshipers. They appear to think that strength in numbers absolve them of guilt. Crime is crime whether committed by only one person or 1,000,000 people. Every person who knew Obama is not eligible to president who assisted Obama’s journey to the Whitehouse by ignoring the Constitutional rule in any way shape or form no matter how small or big is guilty of conspiracy, treason, perjury, public betrayal, fraud, breach of fiduciary duty and, and, and, and, and, and, and.
Even if Obama moves into the Whitehouse and assumes the role of Presidency, the issue of Obama not being a Natural Born Citizen and is therefore a Usurper will not end. There are thousands of patriotic citizens who are going to continue through legal methods to insist Obama produce his documents and challenge the legality of anything he does while he remains in office without having proved he is qualified. This is the greatest scandal in American history. It has and will become a monumental mirror daily reflecting to all the people involved their own corrupt characters. This excruciating scandal is shouting to the whole world the names of the people who so willingly sold America—their own country-- for the price of a little dirty power and 30 pieces of silver. The names of every one of you are well known. Sooner or later this mess will be sorted out. Even though you may dance at his inauguration, you will one day regret January 20, 2009. You will discover you didn’t get away with it. One day each and every one of you will be held legally accountable in the same way the Nazi war criminals were made to stand trial for their crimes against humanity. You know who you are. So does the world.
Therese Daniels