Wednesday, January 07, 2009

What Will It Take To Make Us See?

Our enemy is so patently evil.

It's as if Muslims came out of central casting for a bad Hollywood movie.

Cigar-smoking agent says, "Ok, what kind of enemy you want? Whatever kind you want? I got 'em. You want scary, you want ugly, you want Satan himself? I got 'em."


"I want an enemy who shrouds himself in all black, even covering the face.

"I want an enemy who carries around the entrail of dead humans, who revels in cutting the skin of his children with machetes, letting the blood flow everywhere.

"I want an enemy who is deeply racist, killing blacks, because they are black, in African countries, where they act as imperialist masters.

"I want an enemy whose god cries out for endless blood and sacrifice.

"And most of all, I want an enemy so thoroughly evil that he silences music, and forbids art, and covers over the bodies of women, and all that is beautiful."

Imagine, the cigar-smoking agent delivered up the perfect people to play the part, and we all just sat back and slapped our knees, and laughed, and said, "That's no enemy. Can't you give us something just a bit frightening, for God's sake?"

What will it take for us to see?