Saturday, January 10, 2009

Syria protests Israel Golan wine gift to UN staff

Syria protests Israel Golan wine gift to UN staff

Syria has protested to UN leaders that Israel distributed wine from the contested Golan Heights as year-end holiday gifts to UN staff and asked that they be told not to accept it.

In letters to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and General Assembly President Miguel D'Escoto, Syrian Ambassador Bashar Ja'afari condemned the Israeli mission's "provocative and irresponsible behavior" in distributing wine from grapes harvested, and in bottles made, on the Golan.

"I would appreciate it if you would request all United Nations staff to refrain from accepting these Israeli gifts produced illegally in occupied Syrian territory," he said.



Oskar said...

Idiots you say, and that would explain everything? Do you think that Syria are happy with Israel occupying a part of the country? I guess you would be fine if California would be occupied by Mexico. Donkey

Reliapundit said...

idiots does explain the letter.

as for "occupation" of the golan.

syria hasn't attacked since.

i'd say it was working very well.

the correct analogy would be not if california was occupied (it is in a way by reconquistas, btw), but if mexico was launching attacks from their territory and we took a little away to recover our sovereignty and peace.

also: just all borders in the world were created via war, but only israel's seem to occupy the world's constant attention. and attack.

this is antisemitic.

yes: antisemitic:

when you hold israel to a standard that you hold no other nation to you're a fucking antisemite.

arabs in israel have more freedom and a higher standard of living than syrians.

they shouyld beg israwel to takeover the whole fucking region.

Oskar said...

I am sure they have higher standard living in Israel, isn´t that pretty obvious? I am not a big fan of either Syria (which I recently visited) or Hamas, but that doesn´t mean that Israel can do whatever they want in the region.

Regarding borders in the world, sure they were created via war. But I hope you think that we have developed since then, that war doesn´t have to set everything.

Pastorius said...

What should Israel have done when the Syrians attacked them? Do you understand that the Golan Heights are a strategically favorable position from which to attack?

The fact that Israel has, repeatedly, and I repeat, repeatedly, given back land which it has won in wars when it was attacked, is evidence that Israel does not conduct it's war policy with imperialistic ends in mind. Instead, it conducts war with strategic ends in mind.