Tuesday, January 06, 2009


It extends to shadowing two children as if they're rock stars. Must have a look at "The One's" children!
Usually the recommencement of classes at a private school don't warrant breaking updates: The girls' motorcade left the Hay-Adams Hotel for Sidwell Friends School. They arrived early! Several hours went by. Then they left!

Meanwhile the Sidwell administration, which is accustomed to hosting the progeny of executive office-holders, did its best to make yesterday seem mundane.

"It's been a very normal day, the first day after winter break," said Ellis Turner, associate headmaster at Sidwell. "Nothing special was prepared for any of our students."

Utterly normal. Except, of course, for the comings-and-goings of the soon-to-be first daughters: Malia, 10, now a fifth-grader at the school's Northwest Washington campus on Wisconsin Avenue, and Sasha, 7, a second-grader at the Bethesda campus not far up the road.

The media did their usual stakeout thing to record the historic occasion. We can reliably report some details, such as: Sasha carried a JanSport Trans backpack with a camouflage pattern of pink, magenta, gray and white camouflage. Attached to the backpack was a turquoise, three-eyed Uglydoll keychain....
Unmentioned in the excerpt is the impact all this craziness had upon yesterday's traffic, both in the downtown area and throughout certain portions of the D.C. area.

I've lived in the Washington, D.C., area all life, as my father before me. This fawning over "The One" and his progeny is most certainly not the norm. Rather, it is the ultimate idiocy and smacks of royalty worship, the very concept of which our Founders condemned.

Jamersonmagwood, one commenter at the above Washington Post article, was spot on with the following caustic quip:
I am SO glad the Washington Post has the time, money, and energy to publish another trapping about the new soon-to-be first daughters. I would think the paper would be smarter about its waste of money, since newspapers are on the crap shoot for business in this burgeoning economy. Could you have tried to publish something substantive? I mean really. This is just objectionable--can we have some actual news? When will the media leave the children alone and stop obsessing over the mundane. I think I would take Hearst's yellow journalism over this filth. Get a grip. The first family puts on their pants legs just like every other human being. Once we realize that, I think we would all be better served and better informed.
Yes, indeed. The Washington Post could start by reporting some of the stories that matter, including those about the anti-Semitic calls to genocide on the part of pro-Hamas demonstrators in various demonstrations all over the West.

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