Monday, January 05, 2009


Danish Police Intelligence units are investigating the nations largest weapons theft - where three men overpowered 3 guards ( 2 were sleeping!!!) at a military base and made off with 200 automatic weapons. Stealing weapons from military depots has been a favored channel for left wing extremists - such as the Blekingegadebanden - to secure weapons for their own criminal activity, or to support mideast terror groups, such as the PFLP. The Hells Angels and Bandido's have also gotten hold of armor piercing munitions via the same channel. The police are circulating the theory that the weapons are likely destined to the drug gang wars which were being waged between Danish motorcycle gangs and immigrant gangs from Pakistan or Palestine this past fall. The storage facilities in question also contained armour piercing munitions - perhaps even antitank missiles! I doubt the authorities would admit that these have also been stolen...but it is safe to assume that they have been taken - and whoever has these weapons, be they criminals or terrorists - they are not good people.
UPDATE: Reports of the weapons inventory secured thru this operation are:
11 Heavy Machine Guns usually mounted atop armored vehicles and tanks. (50 cal?)
20 Light Weight Machine Guns
140 Assault Rifles
35 Pistols
More "details" of the operation: Initial reports said keys were available to the perpetrators in the guards reception area, and that the perps forced the guards to disable the alarms. (There was no perimeter control post to stop vehicles from entering the base!) Now it is being reported that the perpetrators knew which container to open - and which steel cabinets to blow open with plastic explosives. They were professional enough to use the correct amount of explosive to open the cabinets without damaging its contents. And they knew where to find the parts to make the firing chambers ready for action. Authorities conclude that the extensive inside knowledge of the bases security systems points to former or current soldiers. They point out that rockers and immigrant gangs have in the past recruited soldiers because of their access to and expertise with weapons.
We do not know how much of this is cover story. The weapons were supposedly packed and ready to be sent to Afghanistan. Maybe the cases were clearly labeled?
The police would like us to believe the weapons are destined to the criminal underworld. I hope they will not be used in a terror action - perhaps against the coming Climate Conference.

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Terrapod said...

Sorry, something is definitely rotten in Denmark. This is way to pat, no arsenal is that poorly guarded and generally the weapons are locked into cabinets with steel cables and locks which the local guards do not have access to. I would be very suspect of an inside job of some sort.