Wednesday, July 30, 2008

How Obama would fix our Dependency on Foreign Oil

It almost has to be seen to be believed (via Hot Air):

They will do ANYTHING to avoid exploring our own resources. A smart person would clue in that the Republicans have the Dems over a barrel here. But it is really up to the President to make it stick (and McCain needs to take a united stand along with the REST of his party... or they are all going to be watching the Socialists destroy our economy next year).

Call your Senators, Congressperson, and The White House. Tell Congress they can have their summer vacation once a bill for offshore, ANWR, and Western Shale exploration is signed--and not before. And yes, if the Dems continue to block a vote on drilling, not only should the President veto the Government budget for the remainder of the year; he should also call a special session of Congress to address the problem--next week.

RELIAPUNDIT ADDS: This may well become the MOST critical quote and important soundbite of the entire campaign. Most Americans want more exploration - by at least 2-1! McCain needs to make a TV ad with this clip and show it EVERYWHERE/ALL THE TIME - contrasting it with his own position which is in synch with most Americans. HE MUST DO THIS FAST: Obama could flip-flop - and probably will, so it's best if it's seen as a response to McCain's attack. REPEAT: This gaffe is as big as any ever before uttered by a candidate; it's as big as Kerry's "I was for it before I was against it" and Dukakis in the tank.


Nahanni said...

Why should I bother calling any of the senators or congresscritters?

They ought to already know this. Most already do, but they are not Democrats and unfortunately the Democrats control the House and Senate.

As for Bush vetoing the budget that would only serve to get the Democrats something to hide behind with the help of their MSM lackeys.

Bush should not call a special session, either. He should call a press conference to spotlight the fact that there will be no action on this subject due to the obstruction of the Democratic party.

Sure, it will not get much coverage in the MSM but it will serve two purposes.

1. It does not give the Democrats any place to hide behind by doing their patented "blame Bush" crap. Well, they will still try it but they may just find it won't work.

2. It serves to keep on feeding out enough rope for the Democrats to hang themselves.

Reliapundit said...


the left opposes increasing supplies: they want us using less and they care not how we do.

they are anti-consumptionists for the middle class.

and they don't want the poor to become good consumers.

if they did want the poor to be richer then they'd favor more trade more energy use and more industrialization. EVERYWHERE - especially the 3rd world.

they oppose all of the above.

they're luddites at heart.

for the common good of course.