Saturday, July 05, 2008

Canadian goons seize children because of mother's political beliefs

We read:
"Manitoba Child and Family services was in court Monday to argue for permanent guardianship of a girl and boy, after the girl was sent to school sporting a swastika -- a symbol typically associated with racially-motivated hate groups.

The children's mother denies she has done anything wrong. "I think I'm a pretty good mother. I've raised my children to have pride in themselves. That's all I've ever done." she told CTV News, as she sat beneath a banner with the slogan "White Pride Worldwide."

Child services was called to a city elementary school in March after the girl, 7, arrived at school with a Swastika, the words "Hail Victory" and "Aryan Pride" written on her arms and one leg in permanent maker. The number "14/88," a reference to Hitler, was also written on the little girl. The 14 refers to the number of words in the slogan: "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children." The 88 stands for HH and means "Heil Hitler."

Police and officials from the department went to the family's Winnipeg home and seized the girl's two-year-old brother, and in the process discovered what they said was evidence of the parents' neo-Nazi beliefs.

The mother of the children has maintained she is not a neo-Nazi, but is simply proud of her northern European background and describes herself as a "white nationalist." She said her daughter drew the swastika on her own arm after taking part in a "white pride" racist march in Calgary. When the girl's teacher washed the symbol off, the mother and daughter drew it on again with a marker.

The mother said drawing the swastika was stupid, but insisted the act harmed no one and her beliefs are a family matter. "It's OK to be proud to be a native, it's OK to preach black power," she said, before adding, "But when you're white and you're proud, it's wrong."


Black pride is fine but white pride is to be severely punished? Where does the criminalization of political beliefs end? Speaking ill of homosexuals could cause you to lose your kids next? In Canada it would be no surprise. In the USA even the ACLU has on occasions defended the rights of neo-Nazis to express their beliefs.

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Steve Harkonnen said...

When I was stationed over in Belgium in the early eighties, I attended an air show over at Chievres air base.

Amongst the aircraft were an authentic Focke-Wulf 190 fighter from WWII. I watched as the plane taxied to its show position and wind down. When the pilot got out from his plane he immediately went aft with a piece of cardboard - to cover up the swastika on the tail.

He told me he had to do it as to avoid any "feelings" from the audience. So here was an authentic warbird - but it was unlawful to display the swastika.

When we get so PC about things such as this, we're being stupid.

Pastorius said...

Black folks greed keeps the welfare office at speed.

There, I wonder if I'll lose my kids for that.

Reliapundit said...

white folks civilization
keeps the world from starvation