Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Barack [middle name redacted] is a serial betrayer.

Now he is tossing Scarlett Johansson under the bus:

The movie star, who campaigns actively for the Illinois senator, recently told the website Politico, "You'd imagine that someone like the senator who is constantly traveling and constantly 'on' - how can he return these personal emails? But he does, and in his off-time I know he also calls people who have donated the minimum to thank them."

She said Obama had responded to one note about a debate, commenting to her that the questions were "silly."

But speaking to reporters aboard his campaign plane, Obama said the actress doesn't have his personal email address. "She sent one email to Reggie, who forwarded it to me," Obama said, referring to his 26-year-old personal assistant, Reggie Love. "I write saying, 'thank you Scarlett for doing what you do,' and suddenly we have this email relationship"
Mickey Kaus thinks he is just inept:
This seems inexplicably clumsy. Johansson's a supporter who helped make Obama a highly effective video. She probably thought she was helping Obama again when she told the press how impressed she was that he returned her emails. Surely there's a way to get across the point that she's just an occasional emailer without making her look like a fantasist. ...
Maybe he is just afraid that Michelle would be jealous.

But in the context of his previous betrayals of his staff, his maternal grandmother, his spiritual mentors (both Jerry Wright and Mike Pfleger), his Church, his foreign policy advisor Samantha Power, his off-again on-again economic advisor Austen Goolsbee, his Kenyan cousin, his Muslim supporters, this latest betrayal seems to be just the latest example of Obama's usual reaction to difficulty.


Blame someone else. Nothing is ever his problem or his fault. And there is no problem he thinks can not be solved by running away from it.

Obama may have told Jann Wenner that he doesn't "do cowering," but that's only because he is too busy betraying his friends and running away from trouble to cower!

And this is the character of a would-be President? O tempora! O mores!

But where does this habit of betrayal come from?

I hate to be an armchair psychoanalyst, but do you think he could be re-enacting Barack Hussein Obama Senior's betrayal of his wife and infant son?

You think?

Could an instinct to betray anyone who stands in his way really be a foundation of his character?

Judge for yourself.

And as Reliapundit says, Vote accordingly!


Pastorius said...

I think he's afraid of Michelle Obama's scissors.

Reliapundit said...

if scarlett emails bill clinton he will always send a reply - and a cigar!

BTW: remember that obama also BETRAYED Jane Dystel - his first literary agent who plucked him outta HLS, signed him to a multi-book deal and then got promptly DUMPED UNDER THE BUS after his 2004 kerry-convention speech got him a better offer.

she was in the way.

he betrayed her.

he has NO LOYALTY.

i wouldn't trust him with a damn thing.

certainly not our nation or our armed forces.

Punditarian said...

Forgot about Dystel. Thanks for bringing that up. It should have been in there. The problem is, he has betrayed so many, it is hard to keep up!

Corby Kennard said...

You are fail.

You are creating controversy. If you are going to slaver over hating Obama, you can do much better.

Would you call this ODS?

Pastorius said...

Reliapundit should invite Paranoyd to write for us here at Astute Bloggers. He is an excellent example of the voice of the Left.

And, Lord knows, we need balance here.